Bosch Rexroth and Tulip Smart Workstation Collaboration

17 October, 2018

Bosch Rexroth recently announced a Smart Workstation in partnership with Tulip at 2018’s The ASSEMBLY Show. This joint effort between the two companies takes Bosch’s manual production system and Tulip’s Manufacturing App Platform resulting in a unique Industry 4.0 workstation. The workstation takes advantage of IoT enabled manufacturing apps to maximize operator efficiency and improving the quality of data that is collected and visualized in real-time. A digital experience is expected by today’s manufacturers who want more readily accessible Industry 4.0 technologies. Built to order, the Smart Workstation allows businesses to customize it to their specific needs, and upon receipt, has their Digital Manufacturing App running within minutes thanks to Smart Bench. The Smart Workstation comes retrofitted to work with all of Tulip’s devices and machines and features Bosch Rexroth environmental sensors. After joining forces on multiple projects it made sense for Bosch Rexroth and Tulip to redefine the manufacturing workbench, and both are confident that it will be a game changer.
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