Are Indramat MHD Motors Worth a Repair?

29 August, 2023


MHD motors can deliver a cost-effective automation system and are suitable for
deployment in various fields. The most common applications of a MHD motor are
given below.

The MHD synchronous servomotors are highly rugged and durable with their
brushless design. Their lifetime lubricated bearings and fully-sealed housing ensure
maintenance- and trouble-free operation. They have a service life of 10 years until
the lubrication of its bearings wears out and you have to take the necessary action.
They can be operated only with the manufacturer’s drive controller and after
establishing a proper protective grounding connection.

Some common MHD motor applications

  • Printing and paper industries
  • Machine tools
  • Handling and automation systems
  • Food and packaging machines

Key highlights of MHD motors

MHD motors have a simple and quick startup process because of the data memory in their encoder. They have high repeat frequencies to support continuous start-stop operation. They also have a temperature monitoring functionality for protection against overload.

These motors can be easily fitted to the desired machine because of the flange design. The bearings can withstand high radial loads, which makes it possible to mount belt pulleys and pinions directly over the motors.

Replacement or factory repair

If you are planning to do a motor replacement, it might actually be better to think of a factory repair or remanufacture instead. This is primarily because new MHD motors are no longer available and it can be difficult to find a trustworthy source to get a new motor.

  • With a factory repair, you can mostly be assured of a turnaround time of 24 hours. This is far lesser than the time you will often need to find a new motor to replace the old one.
  • A factory repair can make the repaired motor operate like a new motor.
  • The repair cost is often lesser than the cost of a new motor.


What is the installation position of the MHD motor?

The MHD motor can be installed in any position, either horizontally or vertically, based on your choice. The vertical installation can be done with the output shaft facing upwards or downwards.

Can the MHD motor be used under adverse conditions?

Yes, the MHD motor can be used under adverse environmental conditions. This is possible because of its completely closed design and IP 65 degree of protection.

What is the service life of the bearings of the MHD motor?

The bearings of the MHD motor have a service life of 30,000 operating hours according to ISO 281 specifications if the radial and axial load limits are not exceeded.  When the load limits are above the maximum permissible range, the bearing lifetime reduces accordingly.

You can turn to us at Wake Industrial for any type of factory repair related to your MHD motor. Our dedicated team has the required expertise and knowledge to do a complete check on your motor and repair it so that the motor works like new. We can also repair obsolete parts of the motor at a reasonable price and offer options for repair or replacement depending on what is appropriate.

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