Bosch Rexroth 4WRE / 4WREE Proportional Directional Valves

Wake Industrial offers a wide selection of hydraulic parts, including Bosch Rexroth's 4WRE / 4WREE series valves. These valves are crucial for precise fluid flow control in industrial applications, featuring integral feedback and optional on-board electronics for seamless system integration. With our commitment to quick shipping and excellent customer service, getting the high-quality components your facility needs is straightforward and reliable. For assistance with selection or any inquiries, our expert team is readily available. Call us at 919-443-0207 or request a quote today to keep your business moving smoothly.

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Bosch Rexroth: A Brief History

Bosch Rexroth traces its origins to a water-powered hammer mill and foundry in Lohr am Main in 1795. By the 1950s, it had entered the hydraulic technology market. Over time, the company expanded its product range to include electrical drives, controls, and assembly technologies. In 2001, the merger of Mannesmann Rexroth with Bosch Automationstechnik led to a company focused on integrated Drive & Control technologies. Bosch Rexroth has since continued to develop its portfolio, which includes the 4WRE series of hydraulic valves, contributing to advancements in industrial automation.

4WRE / 4WREE Series Valves

Rexroth 4WRE and 4WREE series valves are direct operated proportional control valves, available in sizes 6 to 10,  designed to fine-tune the direction and magnitude of fluid flow within your machinery. Their standout feature is the integral feedback mechanism that ensures consistent performance.

The versatility of these valves is further enhanced by options for on-board electronics (OBE) in the 4WREE models, simplifying integration and control within your systems. Mounting compatibility isn’t a concern either, thanks to adherence to ISO, NFPA, and ANSI standards. This ensures they can easily replace or fit into existing setups.

Performance metrics include a maximum operating pressure of up to 315 bar and flow capacities that meet various industrial demands—up to 80 l/min for size 6 and up to 180 l/min for size 10. Proportional solenoids enable precise control, while spool overlap options allow custom adjustments for leakage reduction or closed-loop functions.

Key models include:
- 4WRE 6 E16-2X/G24K4/V
- 4WREE 10 E50-2X/G24K31/A1V
- 4WREE 10 E75-2X/G24K31/A1V
- 4WREE 6 E08-2X/G24K31/A1V
- 4WREE 6 V16-2X/G24K31/A1V
- 4WREE 6 EA16-2X/G24K31/A1V

Whether you're implementing new systems or optimizing existing ones, these valves offer dependable solutions for rigorous control tasks. Remember, Wake Industrial is just a call away at 919-443-0207 or you can request a quote online for rapid service in acquiring these or any hydraulic components you may need.

Wake Industrial: Your Source for Hydraulic Parts

Wake Industrial offers an extensive selection of Bosch Rexroth hydraulic components, including 4WRE and 4WREE series valves, as well as AZPF and A10VO series pumps. Committed to rapid response, we cater to any hydraulic requirement – from individual valves to comprehensive system overhauls. With a focus on prompt worldwide distribution, Wake Industrial stands by to deliver anywhere, anytime. Our seasoned specialists are dedicated to providing tailored assistance, streamlining the process of identifying and acquiring the necessary parts with efficiency. Call Wake Industrial at 919-443-0207 or submit a quote request today for unparalleled support.


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