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EEA-AMP-451-A-10 OP AMP Amplifier Card Series manufactured by Vickers. This EEA-AMP-451-A-10 Card has a Supply Voltage of +/- 15V and a Relay Voltage of 24V.

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Product Description

The EEA-AMP-451-A-10 is a power amplifier card designed and manufactured by Eaton Vickers. It is one of the biggest automation companies in the globe reputed for making the best power amplifier cards. The EEA-AMP-451-A-10 uses input and output circuitry. It comes with a power supply of 15V, and every card is extremely easy to switch on and use. The power amplifier card has 11 Op Amperage circuit outlets. This means that you can be able to configure the EEA-AMP-451-A-10 in numerous different ways.

Although Eaton Vickers power amplifier cards are a single P/I control unit, they are integrated with 3 inverters and a built-in milliamp rectifier. These power amplifier cards are lightweight devices and only weight 1.4 kilograms. This makes the EEA-AMP-451-A-10 ideal for almost all automation hydraulic environments. Eaton Vickers has made the power amplifier card as a universal system construction element. There are different factors that make the card very versatile. These include the individual assignment of soldering terminals, many different OP AMP circuits, along with the probability of externally wiring the individual OP AMPs.

The assignment of soldering terminals also makes the EEA-AMP-451-A-10 very flexible. Another impressive feature of the power amplifier card is the 8 spindle-drive resistors located on the front panel. The resistors allow for the OP AMPs to be finely adjusted. The EEA-AMP-451-A-10 also comes with 1 relay to enable an amplifier as well as an LED located on the front panel to indicate switching status. The supply voltage of the power amplifier card is 15V 5%, x 50 mA max, while the relay voltage is 24V 20%, approximately 30 mA. The Male connector is according to DIN 41612, F48.

  • EEA AMP 451 A 10
  • EEA-AMP-45l-A-l0
  • EEAAMP451A10

EEA-AMP-451-A-10 Technical Specifications

Series: EEA-AMP-451-A-10
Male connector: DIN 41612, F48
Supply Voltage: +/- 15V
Relay Voltage: 24V
Differential amplifiers: 2
Summing circuits: 2
P/I controllers: 1
Millivolt rectifiers: 1
Inverters: 3
Voltage followers: 2
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