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P Series POWERMAX II Hybrid Step Motor manufactured by Pacific Scientific. This POWERMAX II Hybrid Step Motor features NEMA Mounting and a Size of NEMA 23.

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Pacific Scientific remains the world’s leading supplier of motion control technology. With quality as an important component in its manufacturing, the company provides outstanding solutions and services that are unmatched. Pacific Scientific provides excellent quality products as well as reliable delivery.  The invention of the P21NRXD-LNN-NS-00 motors has brought about outstanding cost and performance value in the hybrid set motors. The P21NRXD-LNN-NS-00 motors provide higher torque and speed range.

The P21NRXD-LNN-NS-00 motors are connected in a series arrangement having a holding torque ranging from 109 to 0.77 Nm with a rated current of 1.51 A.  Its phase resistance is 2.61 Ω while its phase inductance stands at 10.3 mH. The P21NRXD-LNN-NS-00 motors’ net weight range as 1.5 to 0.68 kg. The motors have a double rotor stack. The rotor stack is categorized as the standard inertia and the low inertia rotors. The low inertia rotor produces higher acceleration rates possible.

The low inertia rotor range between 2.59 to 0.016 Kg 2 X 10-3 while the standard rotor inertia range between 3.57 and 0.022 Kg 2 X 10 -3. The motors thermal resistance is 5.5 0 C /watt and its detent torque ranges from 4 to 0.028 Nm.  When the rated current is applied the winding is at 130 0 C and the motor unmounted in still air at 40 0 C without a heat sink.  The thermal resistance of the P21NRXD-LNN-NS-00 motors is measured with the motor hanging unmounted. The motor’s small signal inductance is measured with impedance bridge at 1 kHz, 1 A. Any operation of the P21NRXD-LNN-NS-00 motors that is above the rated current may result in the demagnetization of the motors. You may talk to us to assist you in fixing this.

Type: Standard
Size: NEMA 23
Number of Stacks: 1 Stack
Mounting: NEMA
Construction: Regular
Termination: Receptacle
Winding Type: per assigned letter
Rotor Type: Standard
Shaft Configuration/Shaft Modifications: Single/Smooth
Encoder Option/Sequence Number: No Feedback/Standard