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M Series POWERMAX II Hybrid Step Motor manufactured by Pacific Scientific. This POWERMAX II Hybrid Step Motor features NEMA Mounting and a Size of NEMA 23.

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When we think of the most reliable and efficient stepper motors available worldwide, Pacific Scientific is the first name that would come to mind. 

The M series of the Pacific scientist's POWERMAX II brand of motors provides some of the most powerful steppers available in the hybrid stepper motors series.

M22NSHS-LNN-NS-02 are having the standard NEMA Mounting with the Size of NEMA 23 which makes it possible to reduce the overall size of the motor which course towards making it one of the most efficient motors that produce very high torque as compared to its size and weight. This high torque to weight characteristics makes it a popular choice for most industries.

Most Motors of M Series have almost similar characteristics of design with slight variations so that the user can select the best possible combination that is suitable for their usage. The M22NSHS-LNN-NS-02 has a standard Shaft Configuration with the Shaft Modification that of Single/Smooth type. It also has a factory assigned a special type of winding with termination receptacle.

Although the M22NSHS-LNN-NS-02 features standard rare Earth magnet rotors, its superior design enables it to concentrate the flux developed in such a manner between the rotor and the stator that it minimizes the losses in flux leading to high production of speed and torque characteristics.

The superior design and high grade of materials used in the M22NSHS-LNN-NS-02 make this motor one of the most robust in its class that produces superior torque as compared to any other motors of the same type. It gives years of continuous service without any problems, which makes it the most reliable and efficient hybrid step motors available worldwide.

Type: Enhanced
Size: NEMA 23
Number of Stacks: 2 Stacks
Mounting: NEMA
Construction: Special
Termination: Factory Assigned
Winding Type: Special
Rotor Type: Standard
Shaft Configuration & Shaft Modification: Single/Smooth
Encoder Option/Sequence Number: No Feedback/Factory Assigned