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M Series POWERMAX II Hybrid Step Motor manufactured by Pacific Scientific. This POWERMAX II Hybrid Step Motor features NEMA Mounting and a Size of NEMA 23.

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The M21NRXA-LNN-NS-00 part is a hybrid step motor that was developed by Pacific Scientific. This step motor features its best performing proprietary technology known as POWERMAX II. Not only does this technology provide the end user with the best performance for their Pacific Scientific hybrid stepper motor but it also provides them the best cost for a motor of this capabilities. With the NEMA 23 frame size, this motor is built with the ability to have you tailor the torque, inertia, and acceleration to your various axis. All adaptations to this hybrid stepper motor can be done easily as well as economically with a single mounting configuration and with the driver that you choose.

The M21NRXA-LNN-NS-00 is the perfect choice if your application requires more performance thanks to POWERMAX II and also thanks to the proprietary Sigmax technology. This M series hybrid step motor features Samarium cobalt magnets that help with the concentration of magnetic flux to all designated points between the stator and the rotor. Thanks to Sigmax technology, flux paths are optimized and as such torque production is increased providing better current utilization than other conventional/basic hybrid step motors.

With larger 30 mm bearings the life of the motor is increased up to 4 times longer than typical motors with 22 mm bearings. With POWERMAX II technology the bearing fatigue life or this motor is more than 10,000 hours at rotational speeds of up to 10,000 full steps per second when the motor is operated within the maximum for axial and radial loads. As a NEMA 23 motor the M21NRXA-LNN-NS-00 hybrid stepper motor from Pacific Scientific utilizes a HEDS 5600 series standard encoder from Agilent Technologies.

Type: Enhanced
Size: NEMA 23
Number of Stacks: 1 Stack
Mounting: NEMA
Construction: Regular
Termination: Receptacle
Winding Type: per assigned letter
Rotor Type: Standard
Shaft Configuration & Shaft Modification: Single/Smooth
Encoder Option/Sequence Number: No Feedback/Standard