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Permanent Magnet DC Motor Series manufactured by Pacific Scientific. This motor features a 145TC/182 NEMA Frame and a Current (Amps) of 14.

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If you are looking for a reliable permanent DC motor, how about choosing one designed by the company that has been manufacturing them for decades? The SRF5570-4986-84-5-82BC-CU belongs to the continuous duty motors’ series designed by Pacific Scientific, who now owned by Kollmorgen. If you know a thing or two about motion systems, you probably heard of this company.

As for the SRF5570 unit, its base is removable, which is a characteristic of most motors from the SRF series. The product also has a class H insulation, as well as several certifications. It is interesting to note that this model belongs to 180V products, and has 3HP, which makes it one of the most powerful motors in the series.

It also has some distinctive parameters compared to other units. For example, continuous torque is set at 108 lb-in while constant torque is 8.3 lb-in/A. When it comes to these two parameters, SRF5570 has the best performance in the entire series.

As for the other characteristics, the peak current is 78A while the continuous is 14A. The resistance is 0.6 Ω while inertia is 40.1 lb-in. It may have been expected, but this unit also has the highest inertia in the SRF line of motors.

With such great power, it is only expected that the product weighs a bit more, which is in this case 87 pounds. It is the heaviest motor in the series, as well as the longest with a bit less than 20 inch in length.

All that indicates you need to ensure to find enough space for this unit. As long as you ensure that, this motor can be a smart investment in the long run as it can not only meet but also exceed your expectations.

Product Code: FGS2755
NEMA Frame: 145TC/182
Enclosure: TEFC
Current (Amps): 14
Torque (lb-in.): 108
Current (Peak/A): 78
Torque Constant (lb-in./A): 9.3
Resistance (Ohms): 0.6
Inertia (lb-in.): 40.1
Configuration (facing p age): 5
SRF5570 4986 84 5 82BC CU