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Permanent Magnet DC Motor Series manufactured by Pacific Scientific. This motor features a 56C NEMA Frame and a Current (Amps) of 2.3.

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The EP3644-5214-7-56BC-CU motor features a constant torque of 18.0 Nm as a constant current of 2.3 amps. The highest current of the drive stands at 87 A while the permissible constant torque is 4.24 Nm. Additionally, the motor’s allowable resistance is 1.03hms with the inertia of 6.4Ib. The product is not that heavy since its approximated weight is 30lbs and its length is 12.3 inches. After prolonged use of the EP3644-5214-7-56BC-CU, you might need to replace the brushes for the product to continue offering high performance. Note that this motor is under the class H insulation and it comes with a removable base.

The EP3644-5214-7-56BC-CU is a high-performance motor in the Permanent Magnet DC motor series created by Kollmorgen. The device features a current of 2.3 amps and 56C NEMA frame. The Kollmorgen PMDC motor series provides rugged, high-quality design and reliable operation. The drive utilizes permanent magnets as a substitute of a wound field design hence allowing a lighter, efficient and more compact drive. The motor comes with a current of 2.3 amps and a 56 C NEMA frame. Additionally, the motor comes with an inertial of 6.7, a peak current of 34 and a constant torque of 8.1.

Product Code: FGE0262
NEMA Frame: 56C
Enclosure: TENV
Current (Amps): 2.3
Torque (lb-in.): 18
Current (Peak/A): 34
Torque Constant (lb-in./A): 8.1
Resistance (Ohms): 4
Inertia (lb-in.): 6.7
Configuration (facing p age): 1
EP3644 5214 7 56BC CU