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Permanent Magnet DC Motor Series manufactured by Pacific Scientific. This motor features a 56C NEMA Frame and a Current (Amps) of 2.6.

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Kollmorgen has been in existence for the last 80 years. But what has made the company continue growing and attracting more customers from various places, is the unmatched quality, value and customer focus. For most customers, Kollmorgen’s motion and automation solutions of utilizing high engineering techniques and drive technology has made such a huge difference and increased returns. Kollmorgen is also known for offering a breadth of products and models that suit customer needs. The major product lines include the servo motors, stepper motors, control drives, DC powered generators and low inertia servo motors and drives. EP3624-1434-7-56BC-CU is one of those products and here we look into some important information you need to know to get maximum benefit.

EP3624-1434-7-56BC-CU is a permanent magnetic motor DC. To function optimally, it is important to maintain a continuous rating of 2.6 A current and a torque of 9.0Nm. The current peak current stands at 52 A and the continuous torque is maintained at 4.07. The permissible resistance is 2.63 Ohms and the allowable inertia is 4.0 Lb. The inductance of EP3624-1434-7-56BC-CU is 10.5 Mh while the configuration (facing page) is 1. For this motor dc, the weight is 23 lbs and the length is 10.38 inches. When a need arises for brush replacement, it is recommended that you order two brushes per motor and the permissible model is YPOO565. When these parameters are adhered to, you are guaranteed that your motor is explosion proof. This model of magnetic motor has a removable base and when it comes to insulation, it is class C. Once you make the purchase, you should also consider the information on the plate, it will prove very helpful.

Product Code: FGE0212
NEMA Frame: 56C
Enclosure: TENV
Current (Amps): 2.6
Torque (lb-in.): 9
Current (Peak/A): 52
Torque Constant (lb-in./A): 4.07
Resistance (Ohms): 2.63
Inertia (lb-in.): 4
Configuration (facing p age): 1
EP3624 1434 7 56BC CU