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Permanent Magnet DC Motor Series manufactured by Pacific Scientific. This motor features a Voltage (DC) of 90 and a Current (Amps) of 3.3.

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The EP3620-4460-7-56C-CU is a top-of-the-line Permanent Magnet DC Motor or PMDC produced by Kollmorgen. This motor helps machine builders construct their machines faster. A two-year warranty is provided along with the EP3620-4460-7-56C-CU. The PMDC includes large sealed bearings, permanent magnet fields, NEMA mounting, and class H insulation. The permanent magnet fields are particularly useful as they are small, light, and offer a wider range of speed compared to most wound field motors. The EP3620-4460-7-56C-CU also featured a rugged, fused commutator and polyester impregnated armature. The commutator preserves the electrical and mechanical integrity of the PMDC. A conduit box is installed in the EP3620-4460-7-56C-CU. The conduit box or gasket is surrounded by a large wiring compartment for easy termination.

The EP3620-4460-7-56C-CU can also be ordered along with a Tachometer Adapter Kit. This kit can assist in the motoring of the motor speed by using a readout or control electronics. This ensures the accurate maintenance of the motor’s varying speed range. Instructions are included with the Tachometer Adapter Kit so the device can be mounted easily. Additionally, GE, Servo-Tek, or Baldor tachometers can be used along with the adapter.

Kollmorgen is the top provider of PMDC motors such as the EP3620-4460-7-56C-CU. With other 80 years of experience, Kollmorgen has acquired world-class knowledge and valuable experience with regard to motion systems and machine building components. The EP3620-4460-7-56C-CU and motors like it are unmatched in performance in comparison to other manufacturers. It is rugged, reliable, and easy to use, but more importantly it gives machine builders an undeniable advantage in the marketplace.

Product Code: Factory Assigned
Voltage (DC): 90
Enclosure: Factory Assigned
Current (Amps): 3.3
H.P.: 1/3
RPM: 3000
EP362O-446O-7-56C-CU EP-3620-4460-7-56C-CU
EP3620 4460 7 56C CU EP-362O-446O-7-56C-CU