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The E4809-770-138-A was manufactured by Okuma as part of their E4809 PC Board Series. The E4809-770-138-A is a SVC II Board Type A that features multiprocessor CNC techonolgy that allowing for effective NC system fucntionality. With a variety of function options, the E4809-770-138-A makes a great option to meet your automation needs.

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Product Description

Okuma is a renowned manufacturer and provider of industrial automation servo amplifiers, circuit boards, power supplies, and CNC machines. The firm also provides a selection of servo motors with a wide power range to be used in various industrial applications.

The E4809-770-138-A model because of its capabilities and excellent efficiency model negates the need for human control. Over-voltage and over-current protection should be included on the control board for safety. The device is designed to be small but useful. Because of its basic design and compact size, it is simple to use and install. Everything you need to get going is included on the E4809 circuit board, including setup and operation instructions. The board is built to perform effectively in a variety of challenging settings, ensuring smooth operations whenever and wherever it is utilized. If there is a potential for contact with moisture or another coolant, the model should not be utilized. Before you use them, make sure they're thoroughly dry. The E4809 circuit board is a pre-programmed PLC (process logic controller) with software for controlling a variety of functional parameters. It's an Okuma top circuit board that should only be used under the conditions specified in the user manual to obtain the best results.

The model E4809-770-138-A is designed to operate with a variety of equipment and is extremely reliable and efficient. Because of its compact size and thin form, the circuit board is simple to mount on any machine. The model is a top-notch PCB board that can endure temperatures as high as +40°C. With the support of trusted delivery partners and within a defined time limit, the firm can deliver this product E4809-770-138-A to you anywhere in the world.

  • E4809770138A
  • E-4809770138A
  • E 4809 770 138 A
  • E489-770-138-A

E4809-770-138-A Technical Specifications

Board Type : SVC II Board Type A
Product Type : PC Board
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