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The E4809-045-148-D was manufactured by Okuma as part of their E4809 PC Board Series. The E4809-045-148-D is a OSP 7000 MAIN BOARD that features multiprocessor CNC techonolgy that allowing for effective NC system fucntionality. With a variety of function options, the E4809-045-148-D makes a great option to meet your automation needs.

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Product Description

Okuma allows you to manage your mechanical system with pinpoint accuracy and precision. The firm is well-known for its contributions to the advancement of the automation sector. Okuma places a great focus on client happiness and attention.

The E4809-045-148-D model is a control board for the Okuma OSP 7000 main board. The model is fitted with high-quality components that perform well in temperatures between 0 and +40 degrees Celsius. High temperatures, voltages, and currents are all dangerous to the E4809 control circuit. Before attaching the power supply to the circuit board, it should be checked. This board can make and apply automated choices in a fraction of a second, giving it more flexibility than ever before. This board may be found controlling all of Okuma's major automation product lines, including all generations of BL products, all generations of VAC products, MIV drives, and HMI units. The E4809 control circuit should be used within the manufacturer's safe temperature range. The control board has ports for connecting to the power supply, auxiliary devices, and other components. Overall, Okuma boards and controllers are dependable legacy components that can be utilized to manage even the most difficult industrial environments.

The model E4809-045-148-D is created utilizing the company's sophisticated optimization skills. The equipment is built to function at its best, correctly and consistently. It is constructed in such a way that the setup time is minimized. When it comes to product design, the organization uses cutting-edge intelligent technologies. Modern technology may assist take machining capabilities to new heights because innovation is a component of the construction. The firm tries to improve technology while also developing machining innovations, which are useful to users.

  • E4809045148D
  • E-4809045148D
  • E 4809 045 148 D
  • E489-045-148-D

E4809-045-148-D Technical Specifications

Board Type : OSP 7000 MAIN BOARD
Product Type : PC Board
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