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The BL-MH101E-20T is manufactured by Okuma as part of their BL Servo Motor Series. This servo motor features a 2.0 kW rated output and a rated current of 8.40 Arms. The BL-MH101E-20T also boasts a 35.6 A current limit.

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Product Description

The BL-MH101E-20T servomotor has a 166V voltage rating and 8.4A continuous current rating. This motor is highlighted by high starting torque and fast response speed when it is used in robotics applications. The product transforms the control signal of its drive controller to the rotational angular velocity or displacement of its output shaft. The device has three control loops comprising a position control loop, a current control loop and a velocity control loop. Its current control loop helps to control the current of the motor and to avoid the overloaded current. The velocity control loop assists in controlling the velocity of the product while the position control loop is used to rotate the device to the preferred position by commanding the velocity control loop.

The torque rating of this servomotor is factory assigned. The unit supports a total movement of 180°. Its neutral position is the position at which the motor has the same rotation in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. The motor can be deployed to control surfaces like rudders and elevators. The product generally features a red wire, a black wire and a white/yellow wire. The red and black wires are used for connection to the power supply and ground respectively. The white/yellow wire is connected to the control unit. This servomotor is associated with a warranty tag for one year.

The motor action is adjusted by its drive controller using the commanded parameters such as velocity, current or position. The product has 2kW output power capacity as well as 2000RPM speed. The device is used in controlling the angular position with precision. The drive module of the unit is often based on a three-phase IGBT H bridge or MOSFET. The manufacturer Okuma is well-known for its CNC controls and NC machine tools apart from servomotors. The unit is shipped through reputed freight carriers like USPS and UPS with a worldwide network.

  • BLMH101E20T
  • BL MH101E 20T
  • BL-MH101E20T

BL-MH101E-20T Technical Specifications

Current Limit: 35.6 A
Rated Current: 8.40 Arms
Rated Output: 2.0 kW
Servo Drive Unit Type: 50D
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