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The BL-MC75J-30T is manufactured by Okuma as part of their BL Servo Motor Series. This servo motor features a 1.5 kW rated output and a rated current of 6.68 Arms. The BL-MC75J-30T also boasts a 11.3 A current limit.

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Product Description

Okuma is one of the well-esteemed manufacturers and developers of modern motion control technology in its products. The products are widely used for automation purposes in industrial applications like printing, packaging, and robotics that require high operational stability and flexibility.

The BL-MC75J-30T model is a servo motor designed by Okuma to achieve high-resolution control over servo motors in various automated drive systems. The BL servo motor is connected to an SVP board which provides signals for the position, motor speed, and torque control. The mainboard commands the position to the SVP board which receives the position and speed feedback from the position encoder installed in the brushless motor. The model has environmental requirements including an ambient temperature of units above 0 and below +55 degree Celsius during operation. The permissible humidity under normal operation can be 75% RH maximum and for a short period of time (1 month max.) 95% RH. The device is shipped with its maintenance and inspection manual to make diagnosis and rectification easier. The BL servo motor can bear maximum vibrations of 0.5F maximum during continuous operation.

The model BL-MC75J-30T must not be exposed to lubricating oil, metal or plastic chips, coolant, or any other liquid, etc. The device operates normally on a voltage source of 180 to 220 V (rms) for the main circuit with a frequency ranging from 49 to 62 Hz. For the control circuit, the recommended voltages are 90 - 121 V (rms). The required power source capacity for the amplifier depends on the attached motor operation or output. The device BL-MC75J-30T is available at Wake Industrial and can be shipped worldwide. The product comes with a protective cover to keep it from environmental dust and other hazards.

  • BLMC75J30T
  • BL MC75J 30T
  • BL-MC75J30T

BL-MC75J-30T Technical Specifications

Current Limit: 11.3 A
Rated Current: 6.68 Arms
Rated Output: 1.5 kW
Servo Drive Unit Type: 50D
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