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The BL-MC150E-20SN-A is manufactured by Okuma as part of their BL Servo Motor Series. This servo motor features a 16 kW rated output and a rated current of 13.4 Arms. The BL-MC150E-20SN-A also boasts a 22.5 A current limit.

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Product Description

The BL-MC150E-20SN-A is an industrial servo motor manufactured by Okuma according to international quality standards. This motor is a compact device that is specially designed to meet the kinetic energy requirements of a wide range of industrial production machines such as metal forming machines, food processing machines, and lots more. The housing of this motor is also coated to prevent a direct interaction between the motor and liquid substances such as hydraulic oil, dilute acid, and lye. This motor also features a unique structure that allows industrial operators to directly integrate it into any position in the industrial servo system.

The BL-MC150E-20SN-A industrial motor features a position encoder that converts the physical movement of the controller into digital signals; these signals are then transferred to the control unit of the servo system, which interprets them and uses them to control the operation of the motor in real-time. The BL-MC150E-20SN-A features a plain metal steel output shaft specially designed to smoothly transfer the kinetic energy into industrial machines without the risk of sudden disconnection or wobbling. The BL-MC150E-20SN-A industrial servo motor features internal permanent magnets that generate an electromagnetic field during the operation of the motor; this magnetic field affects the operation of some important medical devices such as hearing aids and cardiac pacemakers, to prevent accidents, persons wearing any of these devices should not be allowed to move near the motor during operation.

The BL-MC150E-20SN-A is designed to be operated at an ambient temperature that falls between 0 to about 55 degrees Celsius. Under ideal operating conditions, this industrial motor can maintain operational efficiency of about 95 percent for more than five years without breaking down.

  • BLMC150E20SNA
  • BL MC150E 20SN A
  • BL-MC150E20SNA

BL-MC150E-20SN-A Technical Specifications

Current Limit: 22.5 A
Rated Current: 13.4 Arms
Rated Output: 16 kW
Servo Drive Unit Type: 75D
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