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The DH102M-22-1310 is manufactured by Kollmorgen features a volt system of 400/480 and can be used in conjunction with the AKD servo drive AKD-0060X. It features a peak torque of 277Nm and a maximum speed of 300RPM.

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Product Description

The DH102M-22-1310 is a Direct Drive Rotary (DDR) Motor. It is designed and manufactured by Kollmorgen, a leading player in the motion control industry. DDR motors are integrated with a number of remarkable features. They come with multi-pole hollow shaft (16 -32), bearings along with an encoder system of high resolution. Since DDR motors are attached directly to the load, they support very accurate and repeatable systems. DDR motors are maintenance-free, operate with less noise, and come with better dynamics than systems that use mechanical transmission components such as belts, gears, cams, etc. 

Kollmorgen has refined and expanded DDR motors into three product categories for ease of use, easy installation along with shorter lead times. The three categories are Housed DDR, Frameless DDR, and Cartridge DDR. You can now select the ideal DDR solution for your specific application. Cartridge DDR is an industry first to integrate the performance and space-saving advantages of Frameless DDR motors with a full-frame motor’s ease of installation. These motors feature a stator, rotor, pilot diameter and bolt circle like a traditional servo motor. This saves space and design time while making the overall system simplified.

Housed DDR motors feature precision drawings and resolution feedback device that is factory aligned. This allows the motor to operate as the fundamental of rotatory indexing and rate table applications. You can also use Housed DDR motors as a flexible indexer. Frameless DDR Motors come with a stator and rotor as detached components that are integrated to become a part of the driven load. These motors provide the most lightweight and compact DDR solution. The TBM Series and KBM Series are part of the Frameless DDR products by Kollmorgen.

  • DH102M-221310
  • DH102M221310
  • DH102M 22 1310
  • DH-102M-22-1310
  • DH12M-22-1310

DH102M-22-1310 Technical Specifications

AKD Servo Drive:: AKD-0060X
Continous Torque:: 63.4Nm
Maximum Speed:: 300RPM
Peak Torque:: 277Nm
Volt System:: 400/480
Winding Type:: Std.w/sine encoder
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