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The CTP32NLF46KAA00 is manufactured by Kollmorgen as part of the CT stepper motor series. It features an inductance of 9.1 mH and a current of 4.6 amps. It also includes a thermal resistance of (Mounted °C/Watt) 1.55 and a resistance of 1.01.

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Product Description

Kollmorgen is a world-class innovative and competent manufacturer of automation aftermarket accessories that exhibit extreme and utter ruggedness, exceptional durability and cost-effectiveness. This has been made possible by the integrated systems, skilled workforce, high technology, and modern tools in the facility. Products such as step motors, drive controllers, spindle drives, supply modules, permanent magnetic motors, gearing, servo drives, CNC, servo motors as well as power cables are readily found at Kollmorgen. Enjoy optimal performance with motion control products that are future proof, innovative and extremely efficient. Choose Kollmorgen and say no to erratic motions and poor performance.

The CTP32NLF46KAA00 step motor by Kollmorgen is among the most powerful and reliable motors, thanks to its high efficiency and maximum torque features. This unit utilizes either unipolar or bipolar connections. When the motor is mounted and with the bipolar connection, the unit’s torque is 9.5 Nm while the nominal torque with unipolar connection will be 7.6 Nm. This motor’s thermal resistance stands at 1.550C/Watt while the detent torque is estimated to be 0.29 Nm. The rotor moment of inertia of the CTP32NLF46KAA00 is 2.61 kg-cm2 while the net weight stands at 3.0 kgs.

The CTP32NLF46KAA00 CTM motor falls under 2 phased size 34 motors. It is a custom motor and features a high voltage insulation system. It has captured front bearing that works excellently with lead screws. In every revolution, this unit makes 200 steps with a sustained step accuracy of +/- 3%. The motor’s insulation voltage rating stands at 340 V DC and the step angle is 1.80. While the CTP32NLF46KAA00 motor has an insulation resistance of 100 Megohms, it requires a nominal operating temperature of -20 to +400C for optimal performance.

  • CTP-32NLF46-KAA00

CTP32NLF46KAA00 Technical Specifications

Current Amps DC: 4.6
Coating : Black Prime Coating
Frame Size : Size 34/ 3.4 inches
Output shaft: Durable shaft with keyway
Full Steps Per Rovolution: 200
Step Angle : 1.8
Insulation Voltage Rating : 340 VDC
Insulation resistance : 100 Megohms
Current: 4.6A
Inductance: 9.1mH

Frequently Asked Questions about CTP32NLF46KAA00

Q: How is the heat generated by CTP32NLF46KAA00 motor dessipated?

A: The CTP32NLF46KAA00 features a unique aluminium shell and aluminium end caps that efficiently and quickly remove the heat generated by the motor during operation.

Q: Why is the CTP32NLF46KAA00 designed with a large bearing system?

A: The unqiue large bearing system of the CTP32NLF46KAA00 motor allows the motor to accommodate large mechanical laod. It also eliminates the need for couplins and load support bearings.

Q: What type of drive controller should be used with the CTP32NLF46KAA00 motor?

A: Unlike convectional motors, the CTP32NLF46KAA00 can be used with a variety of drives that have a broad range of voltage and current ratings.

Q: What are the electrical modifications that can be integrated into the CTP32NLF46KAA00 motor?

A: The CTP32NLF46KAA00 can be routinely provided with a number of electrical modifications including Non-standard lead lengths, Electrical Connectors, and special windings.

Q: Is the CTP32NLF46KAA00 noisy during operation?

A: The CTP32NLF46KAA00 motor is almost noiseless. This is majorly because its front bearing is retained with a snap ring, and the rear bearing is mounted in an O ring.

Internal Product Review

  • ‘‘The CTP32NLF46KAA00 motor is futuristic. Perfect combination of efficiency as simplicisty. ’’

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