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The CTP21NLF25NAA00 is manufactured by Kollmorgen as part of the CT stepper motor series. It features an inductance of 5.8 mH and a current of 2.5 amps. It also includes a thermal resistance of (Mounted °C/Watt) 3.57 and a resistance of 1.48.

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Product Description

Combining reliability, innovation, and value, Kollmorgen is a top manufacturer of machine automation parts. Employing over 6,100 employees, the company boasts an impressive 60+ years of experience in a variety of industries, including semiconductor, packaging, printing, aerospace and defense, and many more. Devoted to offering an unmatched array of motion control product solutions, Kollmorgen has the right product for any situation. Always focused on being the leader in innovation, the company is constantly on the cutting edge, producing products with lower costs, higher efficiency, and a longer lifespan than competitors on the market.

From the High Torque Performance Series, the CTP21NLF25NAA00 is an innovative step motor that showcases the patent-pending Cooling Shell technology. This technological advancement utilizes both an aluminum shell and aluminum end-caps. These features remove heat from the rest of the motor quickly and efficiently. Heat is always the enemy of motors, and this cooling ability allows the CTP21NLF25NAA00 to produce higher torque and current ratings in a smaller size. The reduction of heat also allows for a longer life, making this step motor a reliable choice.

With one stack length, this motor has 2.5 current amps in one of the most popular motor sizes, the 5.7 cm Size 23. The motor also features strong, heavy-duty bearings which make it an ideal match for a system utilizing lead screws. The motor also includes a high voltage insulation system. In addition, the CTP21NLF25NAA00 is RoHS compliant, part of Kollmorgen’s commitment to quality manufacturing. The long story short is that this excellent step motor will combine modern technology, a long lifespan with tons of reliability and excellent power in a small and compact package.

  • CTP-21NLF25-NAA00

CTP21NLF25NAA00 Technical Specifications

Current Amps DC: 2.5
Inductance: 5.8 mH
Net Weight: 1.4 lbs
Resistance ohms ±10%: 1.48
Thermal Resistance: (Mounted °C/Watt) 3.57
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