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The CTP20NLS09NAA00 is manufactured by Kollmorgen as part of the CT stepper motor series. It features an inductance of 12 mH and a current of 0.87 amps. It also includes a thermal resistance of (Mounted °C/Watt) 3.99 and a resistance of 8.3.

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Product Description

The CTP20NLS09NAA00 is a high torque step motor with magnetic design from Kollmorgen, listed under the manufacturer’s CT series of motors. The device has 12mH typical inductance and 10.5 Ohms +/-10% resistance. The Cool Torque Performance motor encompasses computer-controlled windings and high-energy rotor magnets to offer maximum torque in a compact size. The unipolar rated unit has six leads type construction/connection style and incorporates innovative cooling technology. The four mounting holes for the NEMA Through Holes mounting configuration have a diameter of 0.200 inches. The step motor can be sent to your preferred address, worldwide.

The motor is compatible with all high-performance and high-voltage as well as standard drives from the manufacturer. The device is ideal for leadscrew and motion control applications. It does not need any coupling or load support bearing for mounting the load on to the motor shaft. The step motor supports the use of micro-stepping drives for dividing every step into multiple drives for smoother operation and finer resolution. The unit operates between an ambient temperature range of -20°C and +40°C. We can sell you the motor with a warranty period of one year.

The step motor features 340VDC insulation voltage rating and Class B insulation at 130°C. The #22AWG leads have 12 inches length. The shaft comes with 0.250 inches diameter while the maximum length of the motor is 1.62 inches. The RoHS compliant motor supports 20 LBS radial shaft load and 50 LBS axial shaft loads. The loaded device can operate for 20,000 hours at 1500RPM speed. The motor completes 200 full steps for each revolution. It has 0.04Nm typical detent torque, 0.53Nm motor torque, 3.99°C/W thermal resistance and 0.19kg-cm2 rotor inertia. The standard lightweight step motor weighs 0.45kg.

  • CTP-20NLS09-NAA00

CTP20NLS09NAA00 Technical Specifications

Current Amps DC: 0.87
Inductance: 12 mH
Net Weight: 1.0 lbs
Resistance ohms ±10%: 8.3
Thermal Resistance: (Mounted °C/Watt) 3.99
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