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The CTP10ELF10MAA00 is manufactured by Kollmorgen as part of the CT stepper motor series. It features an inductance of 7.7 mH and a current of 1 amps. It also includes a thermal resistance of (Mounted °C/Watt) 6.21 and a resistance of 5.25.

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Product Description

In an innovative world like ours, having a reliable motion control partner is essential for the future success of any factory. By partnering with Kollmorgen, you would be joining a team of 6100 employees across the globe offering over 60 years of application experience in the field of industrial automation. Kollmorgen continues to offer an unparalleled range of motion control solutions through their wide variety of stepper motors and servo drives, along with worldwide servicing and support infrastructure.

Since Kollmorgen is a firm believer of innovation, they offer motors with many different types of modifications to help aid factory owners in creating a customized motion control solution to suit their specific needs. A variety of motor output shaft modifications, for example, can be supplied, such as special flats and keyways, lengths, diameters and similar changes which may be required to support the mounting of leadscrews, pulleys or gears on the factory floor.

Kollmorgen’s CTP10ELF10MAA00 is part of the Cool Torque Performance Series which incorporates the latest automation technology with enhanced innovation development techniques. The CTP10ELF10MAA00 motor features a frame size of 17 or 4.2 cm, which is exclusive for the CTP series only. Kollmorgen’s CTP10ELF10MAA00 motor has a short stack length and a mounting of English tapped holes. The construction style on the CTP10ELF10MAA00 motor is through lead wires, with four connection points that are easily accessible. Kollmorgen’s CTP10ELF10MAA00 motor is characterized by a bipolar winding current of 1.0 Amps, allowing it to operate at efficient speeds. The front shaft on the CTP10ELF10MAA00 is a metric option, which is exclusive to the size 17 motors only, and there are no rear options available on this motor. Kollmorgen’s CTP10ELF10MAA00 is a standard motor from their CTP range and does not have any customizations made to it.

  • CTP-10ELF10-MAA00

CTP10ELF10MAA00 Technical Specifications

Current Amps DC: 1
Inductance: 7.7 mH
Net Weight: .45 lbs
Resistance ohms ±10%: 5.25
Thermal Resistance: (Mounted °C/Watt) 6.21
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