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The CTM22NLS19NAA00 is manufactured by Kollmorgen as part of the CT stepper motor series. It features an inductance of 5.9 mH and a current of 1.9 amps. It also includes a thermal resistance of (Mounted °C/Watt) 2.62 and a resistance of 3.39.

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Product Description

Kollmorgen continues to focus their entire operations department on the development of breakthrough, innovative motion control applications which offer competitive advantages in quality, delivery and performance levels. By working on these advantages, Kollmorgen is capable of providing faster production times as well as an extensive product range, customer service, reliability and efficiency.

Kollmorgen also provides the flexibility of customizing motors to suit your specific requirements as a wide variety of motor output shaft modifications can be adapted. The CTM Series of motors manufactured by Kollmorgen are equipped with two windings that can be operated through DC current. In order to provide fine resolution and smooth operation in factories, micro-stepping drives in these CTM motors divide each step into smaller tasks by controlling the current levels in each winding. Additionally, the CTM Series of step motors by Kollmorgen are available with a wide range of windings so they can be paired with control drives that have ranging voltage and current ratings.

The CTM22NLS19NAA00 by Kollmorgen is one of the more popular motors from their infamous CTM Cool Torque Maximum Series. The CTM22NLS19NAA00 motor features an impressive frame size of 23 (5.7cm) alongside a 2-stack length. Kollmorgen’s CTM22NLS19NAA00 motor can be mounted with NEMA through holes, making it suitable for compact spaces in industrial standard factories. To make the most use of the CTM22NLS19NAA00 motor, it is equipped with six connection points that can be used with simple lead connectors. To make the CTM22NLS19NAA00 motor move, the winding current required is 1.9 Amps. Additionally, Kollmorgen’s CTM22NLS19NAA00 motor features an option of a round smooth front shaft which is available for all size 23 motors. The CTM22NLS19NAA00 is a standard motor with no customizations.

  • CTM-22NLS19-NAA00

CTM22NLS19NAA00 Technical Specifications

Current Amps DC: 1.9
Inductance: 5.9 mH
Net Weight: 2.5 lbs
Resistance ohms ±10%: 3.39
Thermal Resistance: (Mounted °C/Watt) 2.62
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