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VT-HACD Series

These digital controllers are designed to be assembled on 35mm top-hat rails. The VT-HACD controllers can be used as control electronics for control loops with optional state feedback and PIDT1 controller or as command value electronics to generate, link as well as standardize signals. They can be used in transfer systems, presses, plastics processing machines, machine tools and transfer systems. The controllers are equipped with hydraulic axes featuring an absolute or incremental measurement system and analog inputs with 0 to +/-10V voltage rating or 0 or 4 mA to 20 mA rating.


VT-HACD controllers feature IP 10 degree of protection and must be installed in closed housings or control cabinets. The Indramat controllers are meant to be used only within the performance limits and operating conditions that are specified in their manual. They should comply with the safety regulations and rules of the country where they are used. The digital controllers must be properly grounded and encompass equipotential bonding before they are put to use. We can fix your broken digital controller with a guaranteed one-year warranty.


  • VT-HACD controllers support free configuration of their hydraulic axes to function like position, velocity, force or pressure controllers.
  • The digital controllers have eight digital inputs and seven configurable digital outputs apart from an Enable input and an OK output.
  • The Indramat controllers are equipped with either two SSI or one incremental input for digital position measurement systems.
  • The VT-HACD range of digital controllers supports substitutional closed-loop control such as position control with superimposed pressure/force control.
  • The controllers can be programmed with a Windows 7/10, Vista or XP PC with at least 256 MB RAM and 250 MB free hard disk space.


The digital controllers use a BODAC PC program that must be downloaded separately for their programming, setting and diagnoses. They are available with or without a PROFIBUS DP bus system and incorporate either a PROFINET RT or EtherNet/IP Ethernet-based interface. The VT-HADC controllers rely on a microprocessor for their adjustments, establishment of connections and realization of the closed control loops.


Indramat VT-HACD controllers have multiple linking options on the input and output sides. Two signals can be linked on each side. The controllers should not be allowed to come in contact with salt-contaminating environments. Their control electronics must be plugged in or wired only in the absence of an active power supply. Some parts of the digital controllers tend to get heated up during operation and can cause burns and so must be allowed to cool before they are touched.


  • 1 Year Warranty on AC & DC Drives
  • 1 Year Warranty on AC & DC Motors
  • 1 Year Warranty on HMI's and PLC's
  • 1 Year Warranty on Boards and Option Cards


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