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Wake Industrial is a reputable distributor that offers a wide array of industrial automation products, including the IndraControl VEP series from Bosch Rexroth. When purchasing IndraControl VEP interface panels, customers can expect professional service, expert support, and competitive pricing. Whether you're in need of the compact VEP 30, the mid-sized VEP 40, or the more expansive VEP 50, Wake Industrial is equipped to meet your requirements with efficiency and expertise.

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VEP Operator Panel Series

The IndraControl VEP series encapsulates a line of versatile and powerful operator interface panels designed to cater to a variety of industrial automation needs.

The IndraControl VEP 30 is a compact and efficient interface panel that features the robustness required for industrial applications. It's equipped with a 300 MHz Geode processor and offers 64 MB of RAM for reliable performance. The front plate of the VEP 30 is a Rexroth design with an 8.4" touch screen, with an option suitable for the food industry, indicating a focus on cleanliness and resistance to contaminants. This unit is devoid of additional options, interfaces, and comes with the standard 64 MB Compact Flash size, making it a straightforward, no-frills solution for simple interface requirements.

Advancing to the IndraControl VEP 40, it maintains the Rexroth design philosophy with a larger 12.1" touch screen, catering to applications where visibility and interface space are crucial. Similar to the VEP 30, it runs on a 300 MHz Geode processor with 64 MB of RAM but offers an additional option for a short time UPS, ensuring operational continuity during brief power interruptions. The VEP 40 also features a Compact Flash size of 64 MB, and while it doesn't come with any special interfaces, it has provisions for PROFIBUS-DP master module, indicating a degree of connectivity for industrial communication networks.

The IndraControl VEP 50 further expands the capabilities with a 15" touch screen that is also suitable for the food industry, acknowledging the need for larger, easily navigable interfaces in complex industrial environments. It shares the 300 MHz Geode processor and memory options of the VEP 40, including the optional 128 MB RAM for more demanding applications. The VEP 50 provides a short time UPS option and includes a base for an external Compact Flash module, suggesting an emphasis on data storage and handling. Like the VEP 40, while the basic unit doesn't include additional interfaces, it supports a PROFIBUS-DP master module, allowing for versatile communication options.

Across the VEP 30, 40, and 50 series, the focus on robust design, touch screen functionality, and optional UPS highlights Bosch Rexroth's commitment to providing industrial interfaces that combine durability, user-friendliness, and reliable performance. Each step up in the series offers increased screen size and functionality, ensuring that there is a VEP model to suit the specific needs of various industrial applications.


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