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The RD52.1-7N-045-L-V1-FW DC supply inverter is manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat. This device operates with a nominal connecting voltage of DC 530-670 V, a power rating of 45 kW, and it utilizes a forced air cooling mechanism.

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Product Description

The RD52.1-7N-045-L-V1-FW is a drive controller. It is part of the RD52 series from Bosch Rexroth. Bosch Rexroth products are developed and manufactured according to the state of the art. Before they are delivered, they are inspected to ensure that they operate safely. The products may only be used in the proper manner. If they are not used in the proper manner, situations may arise that result in damage to material and personnel. The controller should only be used with the accessories and components that are specified in the product documentation. A type label is attached to the RD52.1-7N-045-L-V1-FW. The label lists relevant information including type codes, series number, input ratings and output ratings. The information on the type label should be checked at the time of delivery.

The information on the type label can also be used when replacement parts and accessories need to be ordered. The RD52.1-7N-045-L-V1-FW is based on an inverter. The supply voltage rating is 530 to 670 Volts DC. Nominal output power of the RD52.1-7N-045-L-V1-FW is 45 kilowatts. The drive supports 24 Volts standby power. This feature requires connection to an external 24 Volts DC power supply. The RD52.1-7N-045-L-V1-FW cools via forced air cooling. The minimum air flow rate required for proper heat dissipation is 0.2 m3/s. The RD52.1-7N-045-L-V1-FW dissipates 0.95 kilowatts as heat during operation. The working temperature range is 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. Between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius, the drive output derates by 2.5% per K. the degree of protection offered by the drive housing is IP20. The drive can be installed inside a cabinet for improved environmental protection. The approximate weight of the RD52.1-7N-045-L-V1-FW is 22 kilograms. This product can be shipped globally with a one year warranty period from Wake Industrial.

  • RD5217N045LV1FW
  • RD52 1 7N 045 L V1 FW
  • rd52.1-7n-045-l-v1-fw

RD52.1-7N-045-L-V1-FW Technical Specifications

Cooling Mode: forced air cooling
Protection class : IP20
Rated power: 45kw
Nominal connecting voltage : 530 to 670V
Additional function: 24V stand by power
Firmware : To be ordered as a seprate unit
Line : Field oriented regulation
Rated current at Pulse frequency of 4Khz: 82A
Output frequency: 0 to 250Hz
Weight : 36kg

Frequently Asked Questions about RD52.1-7N-045-L-V1-FW

Q: What does the IP20 protection mean?

A: IP20 is an indication of the degree of protection provided by the housing of this controler against foreign interference. IP20 means that the controller is protected against solid substance with an external diameter larger than 12 millimeters.

Q: Is the RD52.1-7N-045-L-V1-FW delivered with a electrical cables?

A: The electrical cables required by the RD52.1-7N-045-L-V1-FW for power and encoder connections are not supplied with the converter as a standard. Customers are sepreceted to makes a separate request for these cables.

Q: What type of control cabinet should be used for the installation of the RD52.1-7N-045-L-V1-FW converter?

A: The RD52.1-7N-045-L-V1-FW electrical converter should be installed into a control cabinet that can provide a minimum protection that meets the IP54 protection class. The converter should be installed with the minimum free spaces to prevent the impedment of airflow around the device.

Q: How many types of encoders can the RD52.1-7N-045-L-V1-FW converter be used with?

A: The RD52.1-7N-045-L-V1-FW electrical converter is compatible with more than seven different encoder designs. Example of industrial encoders compatible with this converter includes the the TTL incremental encoder, the HTL incremental encoder, the resolver, and the sine/cosine encoders.

Q: What are the maintenance operation required to keep the RD52.1-7N-045-L-V1-FW in optimum conditions?

A: The RD52.1-7N-045-L-V1-FW electrical converter is a maintence free device that does not require frequent maintenance operations. However, the converter housing should be regularly cleaned to prevent the accumulation of dirt which can affact the free flow of cooling air.

Internal Product Review

  • ‘‘I can not get enough of this converter. It is a perfect combination of sophisticated and efficiency. ’’

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