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The RD52.1-4N-132-R-NN-FW AC Drive Converter is manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat. This device operates with a nominal connecting voltage of 3 x AC 380-480 V, has a power rating of 132 kW, and utilizes a liquid cooling with internal pump mechanism.

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Product Description


The RD500 device comprises AC drive converters, DV supply inverters, regenerative rectifiers, and supply modules. Combined with the software, this device features a modular configuration. These components can be ordered separately or as a unit. Together, they enable the RD500 product to be an advanced, three-phase drive system suited for different synchronous and induction motors. In addition, this device can be operated using AC or DC supply. When combined with drive control units by Bosch Rexroth, this drive system can be used for different applications. These include machine tools, chemical and process technology, handling and assembly systems, and so on.

The RD52.1-4N-132-R-NN-FW is a component in Bosch Rexroth's RD500 drive system. It is a frequency controller with flux vector control; hence, it is designed for the most challenging and highly dynamic drive operations. These are present in extruders, paper machines, flying shears, and so on. It has an output frequency range of 0-250Hz with a rated current of 190A. Meanwhile, it features a converter with a three-phase supply voltage of 380-480V, with a tolerance limit of ±10%. It is without a built-in brake chopper and equipped with a mains filter. In addition, the cooling technology available is liquid cooling with an internal pump.

The RD52.1-4N-132-R-NN-FW can be connected to encoder systems such as resolver encoder, incremental encoder, and sin-cos encoder. Furthermore, it is classified in environmental class 3K3 per DIN IEC 721-3-3; thus, during operations, it should be in a room with a maximum temperature of 40° C. Its mechanical design places it in size class G with a protection degree of IP20 per EN 60529. Therefore, it is resistant to dust penetration and protected against damage by 12mm or more objects. However, it has no protection against water jet penetration. This product can be shipped globally with a one year warranty period from Wake Industrial.

  • RD5214N132RNNFW
  • RD52 1 4N 132 R NN FW
  • rd52.1-4n-132-r-nn-fw

RD52.1-4N-132-R-NN-FW Technical Specifications

Cooling Mode: liquid cooling with internal pump
Nominal Connecting Voltage: 3 x AC 380-480 V
Rated Power: 132 kW
Unit Type: Converter without a built-in brake chopper
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