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The RD52.1-4B-075-L-V1-FW AC Drive Converter is manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat. This device operates with a nominal connecting voltage of 3 x AC 380-480 V, has a power rating of 75 kW, and utilizes a forced air cooling mechanism.

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Product Description

The RD52.1-4B-075-L-V1-FW is a drive controller from Bosch Rexroth. Its modular design allows adaption to a wide range of applications. Typical applications of RD52 series controllers are chemical and process technology, hoist and conveyor technology, foodstuff machines and machine tools. RD52 drives should be operated under specified mounting and installation conditions and under recommended ambient conditions. Use of RD52 series drives for applications other than those approved by Bosch is considered improper. The recommended ambient conditions for RD52 drives are 0 to 1000 meters altitude and 0 to 40 degrees Celsius temperature. Drive storage requires -25 to 70 degrees Celsius ambient temperature. The storage space should be clean and dry. Temperature variations at the storage space should not exceed 20 K per hour. DC link capacitors on the drives, when not under power, can be stored for up to 2 years.

If mounting and operating conditions deviate from those specified by Bosch, the controller DC bus rating and continuous current rating will derate. The performance of the motor and continuous torque at standstill will also derate under non-specified ambient conditions. The RD52.1-4B-075-L-V1-FW can be operated with output derating at temperatures reaching 55 degrees Celsius and altitudes reaching 2000 meters. The drive converter is rated for 380 to 480 Volts AC input.  The converter includes an integrated brake chopper. The rated motor output of the controller is 75 kilowatts. The cooling method used is forced air cooling and requires minimum 0.4 m3/s air flow. The controller supports one additional function which is 24 Volts standby power. The controller firmware is ordered separately. The shipping weight of the IP20 rated RD52.1-4B-075-L-V1-FW controller housing is approximately 52 kilograms. This product can be shipped globally with a one year warranty period from Wake Industrial.



  • RD5214B075LV1FW
  • RD52 1 4B 075 L V1 FW
  • rd52.1-4b-075-l-v1-fw

RD52.1-4B-075-L-V1-FW Technical Specifications

Cooling Mode: forced air cooling
Nominal Connecting Voltage: 3 x AC 380-480 V
Rated Power: 75 kW
Unit Type: Converter with a built-in brake chopper
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