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The RD51.1-4N-022-L-D1-FW AC Drive Converter is manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat. This device operates with nominal connecting voltage of 3 x AC 380-480 V has a power rating of 22 kW, and utilizes a forced air cooling mechanism.

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Product Description

With consistent innovation at its core, Bosch Rexroth continues to excel in the development of several industry-grade automation units. The modularly-constructed RD500 series (RD51/52) of frequency converters is one of the product groups from the company that is setting new operational standards. They are developed for use with induction and synchronous motors and can consistently serve the desired purpose. The RD51.1-4N-022-L-D1-FW belongs to the RD51 series, and it is a standard frequency converter with voltage frequency control (VFC) technology. Like other products in the RD51 series, this model is compact and provides a standardized, flexible and economical solution. Generally, the power range of RD500 frequency converters is between 3 – 400 kW, but the RD51.1-4N-022-L-D1-FW has a nominal output power of 22 kW.

The RD51.1-4N-022-L-D1-FW is a frequency converter variant without a braking chopper. It is specifically suitable for drive applications demanding high rotary speeds such as milling and grinding. The supply voltage to this unit is rated at 3 x AC 380 to 480 V ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz. It leverages a forced air-cooling mechanism that facilitates extreme flexibility.

The environmental class of the RD51.1-4N-022-L-D1-FW is 3K3, and this translates to a permissible ambient operating temperature range of 32 – 104 oF (0 – 40 oC). In addition, this RD51 frequency converter can be used in areas with medium exposure to biological hazards, in line with its contamination class 2. This unit is built to last, and its degree of protection is IP 20, per EN 60529. Generally, the output frequency of RD51 units is between 0 – 200 Hz, and their permissible installation height has a maximum value of 1000 meters. This product can be shipped globally with a one year warranty period from Wake Industrial.

  • RD5114N022LD1FW
  • RD51 1 4N 022 L D1 FW
  • rd51.1-4n-022-l-d1-fw

RD51.1-4N-022-L-D1-FW Technical Specifications

Cooling Mode: forced air cooling
Nominal Connecting Voltage: 3 x AC 380-480 V
Rated Power: 22 kW
Unit Type: Converter without a built-in brake chopper
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