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The RD51.1-4B-022-L-FV-FW AC Drive Converter is manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat. This device operates with nominal connecting voltage of 3 x AC 380-480 V has a power rating of 22 kW, and utilizes a forced air cooling mechanism.

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Product Description

The RD51.1-4B-022-L-FV-FW is designed and manufactured by Rexroth Indramat, and it is a U/f curve control drive system in the innovative RD 500 series. This drive system features a type-1 design and a nominal connecting voltage that falls within the range of 380 and 480V (+/- 10%). It is a converter unit type with an inbuilt brake chopper and a rated power of 22 kW. It can also be operated at different pulse frequencies as specified by the manufacturer. The RD51.1-4B-022-L-FV-FW falls into the 3K3 environmental class, according to DIN IEC 721-3-3. It functions optimally within an ambient operating temperature range of 0 oC to 40 °C. To improve usability, it comes with a 4-line graphical display and removable user panel that gives you the option to load on and extract parameters.

The overall protection of this unit is enhanced by its power section and the forced-air cooling unit fitted on at the rear. The RD51.1-4B-022-L-FV-FW also complies with the EMC Directives concerning noise immunity and emission, as specified by the EMC Product Standard for electric drives EN 61800-3 and EN 55011 – Class A (IEC 61800-3). To promote flexible adaptability to its drive application, the RD51.1-4B-022-L-FV-FW comes with a modular hardware and software design that facilitates this process.

The manufacturer’s aim for simple handling of this unit can also be seen in the automatic motor adaptation and parameter identification feature. It can communicate quickly and efficiently with several other drives, and it has a variety of expanded and freely combinable functions. This drive system is a sturdy and state-of-the-art product that will stay in service for a long time, provided that all the operations, maintenance, commissioning and mounting procedures are adhered to. This product can be shipped globally with a one year warranty period from Wake Industrial.

  • RD5114B022LFVFW
  • RD51 1 4B 022 L FV FW
  • rd51.1-4b-022-l-fv-fw

RD51.1-4B-022-L-FV-FW Technical Specifications

Cooling Mode: forced air cooling
Nominal Connecting Voltage: 3 x AC 380-480 V
Rated Power: 22 kW
Unit Type: Converter with a built-in brake chopper
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