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The RD51.1-4B-015-P-NN-FW AC Drive Converter is manufactured by Bosch Rexroth Indramat. This device operates with nominal connecting voltage of 3 x AC 380-480 V has a power rating of 15 kW, and utilizes a heat dissipation panel mechanism.

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Product Description

The RD51.1-4B-015-P-NN-FW drive control offered by Bosch Rexroth has to be programmed before its commissioning so that the connected motor performs the application-specific function. The control is a major part of the three-phase RD500 drive system. The product is supposed to be used only for applications explicitly specified. This device has a built-in chopper. The unit is stored in a clean and dry place. Its electrostatic components have to be stored inside conductive packaging to avoid getting damaged. The control incorporates AL electrolytic capacitors that operate like DC link capacitors. The product exhibits power loss when it is in use.

The device must take utilization factors into consideration when its ambient operating temperature and setup elevation is exceeded. The unit comprises quick-lock couplings. Several controls can be assembled close to one another with a minimum clearance of 15mm between them. The control portrays exposed live parts when it is worked on in an open state. The product connection has to be established in accordance with the recognized technical regulations of the country where it is used. This device should never use a current-operated earth leakage circuit breaker as a protective measure.

This control works with a motor that has 15kW rated power. The unit has three terminals at the bottom of its housing for connecting the motor terminals. It has a steel plate lug with captive nut on its housing The product implements a starting lockout at its X80 connecting point. The device tends to have a high discharge current as well as a high voltage with improper use causing a risk of injury and electric shock. This unit is not suitable for radioactive, nuclear or medical applications. Its electrical connection points must never be touched if the power is ON. This RD51.1-4B-015-P-NN-FW control is shipped through well-known logistics teams with backup support for one year.

  • RD5114B015PNNFW
  • RD51 1 4B 015 P NN FW
  • rd51.1-4b-015-p-nn-fw

RD51.1-4B-015-P-NN-FW Technical Specifications

Cooling Mode: heat dissipation panel
Nominal Connecting Voltage: 3 x AC 380-480 V
Rated Power: 15 kW
Unit Type: Converter with a built-in brake chopper
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