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The PST6100.100-L Drive Controller is manufactured by Rexroth Indramat Bosch. This controller has a 130 A Nominal System Current. The mains voltage for this unit is 24 V DC and this dirve has a Integrated type of timer. The cooling for this PST drive controller is with an Air Blower.

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Product Description


The PST6100.100-L is a thyristor power unit that is intended to be connected to welding transformers. It is designed for use in resistance welding of metal and can be used in industrial environments as per DIN EN 50082-2 and 50081-2. It features an integrated control functionality, integrated weld timer, and control and monitoring functions. Other features include functionality that suitable for wielding quality optimization, air/water cooling, and Fieldbus communication interface. to enable optimum control of welding transformers, it comes with a weld timer, a slot for I/O interface, Fieldbus module for programming, and retrofitting a quality module.

The PST6100.100-L is designed alternating current resistance welding. It is part of an AC welding system that comprises a welding transformer and a weld timer. It consists of monitoring functions that ensure operational reliability. The load capacity of this thyristor power is dependent on the type designation that indicates the maximum welding rating. Before commissioning ensure that there is sufficient cooling and measure the temperature of the water when using a water cooling method. Commissioning and maintenance of the PST6100.100-L should be carried out by trained personnel. The thyristor power unit is susceptible to malfunction during operation.

Some of the cases of malfunction include incorrect electrical connection, mains voltage surges, insufficient cooling, or overload on the unit. The PST6100.100-L comes with an integrated thermostatic switch that prevents overloading. It blocks further sequence when the temperature exceeds 80 degrees. it has a rated voltage of 400 to 600 V and a rated current of 110 A. this type uses an air cooling method and is connected to transformers of up to 76kVA. Get this thyristor power unit from Wake Industrial with a one-year warranty period.

  • PST6100100L
  • PST6100 100 L
  • pst6100.100-l

PST6100.100-L Technical Specifications

Cooling : Air Blower
Nominal System Current: 130 A
Timer: Integrated
Voltage Supply: 24 V DC
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