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MSK Series

MSK servomotors are one of the several IndraDyn S synchronous motors from the manufacturer. They are available in multiple configurations to meet any need. These motors are used along with IndraDrive servo drives or drive controllers. The entire range of MSK motors is noted for their excellent dynamics, extremely high precision, high torque density and compact construction.

Rexroth MSK servomotors can be operated as kit motors, linear drives or rotary main drives. They must be used only with accessories, cables and spare parts specified by the manufacturer. These motors do not contain any components that comprise substances according to chemical ban regulations, chlorinated hydrocarbons, mercury, PCB and asbestos. Their components are primarily designed using steel, magnetic materials, aluminum, brass and copper. Get in touch with us for any assistance with your industrial manufacturing requirements.

MSK servomotors are associated with a B05 design and can be installed either horizontally or vertically. The vertical installation can be done with the output shaft facing upwards or downwards.
The servomotors have a black 2K epoxy resin coating on their housing. It is possible to include an additional varnish of not more than 40µm thickness over this coating.
All Rexroth MSK servomotors have either a plain output shaft or an output shaft with a keyway and come with or without a holding brake. The output shaft is surrounded by a shaft sealing ring.
The stator of the MSK servomotors encompasses an inbuilt KTY84 type temperature sensor to monitor the motor temperature. This sensor issues a warning when the motor temperature reaches 140°C and disconnects the motor when the temperature is 150°C.
MSK motors comprise bearings with a lifespan of 30,000 operating hours in accordance with ISO 281 specifications when they are operated under manufacturer-specified conditions and the permissible loads are not exceeded.

Rexroth MSK servomotors are equipped with plugs for their electrical connections. The plugs can be rotated by an angle of 240°. These electrical connections are standard for all frame sizes and include a power connection and an encoder connection. The power connection comprises the connections for the holding brake and the temperature sensor.

All the servomotors support natural convection cooling mode. The MSK071 and MSK101 variants additionally support liquid cooling with the help of a coolant.  The servomotors can be equipped with an axial fan or a radial fan with a supply voltage of 115 V or 230 V for additional cooling. Axial fans are used for motors with a slim profile while radial fans are supported by motors with a short profile. These Rexroth motors can be ordered with the fan attached, or the fan can be bought as a separate unit.


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