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MSK Series Synchronous Motors manufactured by Indramat, Bosch, Rexroth. This Motor features a Winding Code of 600 along with a Cooling Mode of Natural Convection.

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MSK040B-0600-NN-M1-UG1-NNNN is another very popular product from the MSK synchronous series. This is a powerful motor which is developed by Rexroth Indramat Bosch.

Features of the Motor:

  • It is a part of the MSK Synchronous Motors
  • Its winding is 0600
  • It features an optical encoder.
  • There is a multiturn hiperface. There are 128 increments.
  • It is available with a natural convection cooling mode
  • Its size is 040 and its length is B
  • Its electrical connection is through a plug. The plug rotates at 240 degrees
  • It has a holding brake. The brake can be electrically released, 4Nm
  • Its maximum torques up to 495Nm
  • It has a maximum speed of 9000 rpm
  • It is available with an encoder system which is helpful for a number of applications
  • It has no other additional design

This motor can be easily used on different applications and some of which are high power applications. It is completely safe to use but should be installed only by professionals. Other features of the product include its blower motors which are thermally protected. The product is highly reliable. It doesn’t need any external circuit breaker for its functioning. There is an additional liquid cooling element, which is quite advantageous when used in high power applications.

There are encoder systems available which is useful for high precision as well as standard precision requirements. The encoders are available for use in two kinds of configurations. These include single turn and also multi turn configuration. Additional features include its shaft keyway, its reduced runout and also its high protection class. The motor should be handled only by professionals who are well versed with its workings.

Product: MSK
Size: 040
Length: B
Winding: 0600
Cooling Mode: Natural Convection
Encoder: Optical encoder, multiturn hiperface, with 128 increments
Electrical Connection: Plug, rotatable 240 degrees
Shaft: Plain shaft with shaft sealing ring (standard)
Holding Brake: Holding brake, electrically released, 4 Nm
Other Design: None
MSK040B-0600-NN-MI-UGI-NNNN MSK 040B-0600-NN-M1-UG1-NNNN