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MHP Servo Motor Series

MHP servomotors are digital AC synchronous motors that are used in conjunction with the manufacturer’s PowerDrive drive controllers. This combination helps the motors function like quick-response and cost-effective servo drives and allows them to be used with a standard power supply. These Indramat servomotors comprise a plain or keyway output shaft with a shaft sealing ring and include or do not include a holding brake.

The Indramat range of MHP servomotors house power connectors that can be turned at an angle of 270°. For MHP 093, MHP 112 and MHP 115 series, the angle feedback connector can be turned in increments of 90°. This can be done in steps of 270° for the other motors. The housings of these motors are designed to support natural convection cooling mode. The motors can be fitted with a radial blower if needed to support the cooling process. The motors should be checked regularly for foreign particles like chips and dust and these should be removed. We have the proprietary knowledge and tools to build obsolete or non-existent parts. 

MHP servomotors must not be electrically connected to their drive controllers when their holding brakes are being reseated. The motor shaft should also be turned by hand for about 50 revolutions as part of this process.
The motors are characterized by a service life of 20,000 hours for their holding brakes. The holding torque of these brakes must be checked before installation for trouble-free operation.
The Indramat servomotors must be mounted only after ensuring that all their parts are clean and not damaged. The mounting surface must also be clean and free of dust.
MHP servomotors must never be lifted by holding on to their output shafts or the blowers fitted onto their housings. They are intended to be lifted using cranes fitted with appropriate accessories.
These servomotors are equipped with plastic sleeves on their shafts and connectors. These sleeves must be removed only just before mounting the motors.

MHP servomotors can get damaged due to improper storage conditions. These servomotors should be stored only in horizontal orientation at a temperature between -20°C and 80°C. In the case of liquid cooled motors, the coolant should be stored before their storage. Their type plates help in not only identifying the motors but also in providing service-related information and replacing parts when there is a problem.

Industrial MHP servomotors have cylindrical shaft ends with a DS M10 center holes. Their allowed axial forces are calculated in terms of the allowed radial forces. Servomotors with plain output shafts are used for backlash-free and form-fitting transmission of torques while those with keyway shafts are ideal for form-fitting transmission of torque with low demands.


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