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Wake Industrial is recognized worldwide for its large supply of high quality industrial automation products. We offer you Rexroth Indramat MHD servomotors in different frame sizes and configurations such as without or with holding brakes and with output shafts with keyway or plain output shafts. These servomotors are highly synchronous. 

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MHD Series

MHD servomotors work in combination with the manufacturer’s digital drive controllers to offer cost-effective automation systems with high functionality. The motors have a set of windings on their stators and permanent magnets on their rotors.

Indramat MHD servomotors are available with varying continuous torques. These servomotors can cause dangerous movements of their connected drive controllers because of problems such as software or firmware errors, defective components, improper wiring of cable connections and more. The mechanical dimensions of these motors are based on their frame sizes. The servomotors encompass an integrated encoder system to position the motors and control their speed. The motor feedback is a digital servo feedback with or without an integrated multiturn absolute encoder and relative or absolute position detection. We can offer you the right parts at an affordable price and in minimum lead time.

MHD servomotors support electrical commutation that allows them to render continuous start-stop operation with high repeat frequencies.
The electric output data of these Indramat motors are defined by their frame sizes and frame lengths. A motor with a specific frame size and frame code may be associated with multiple frame lengths.
The servomotors have an inbuilt temperature monitoring system that keeps them protected against overload.
The MHD series of servomotors have high dynamics because of a favorable torque-to-inertia mass ratio and high operational reliability.
The grease lubrication on the bearings throughout their service life and brushless design help these servomotors deliver maintenance-free operation.

Indramat MHD servomotors have an easy cabling mechanism because of different types of easily available cable sets as well as a simple and quick startup process due to the data memory in the encoder and can be installed in any position. The hardware components of these motors must not be modified at any point of time. The AC servomotors are intended to be used as main drive motors that are deployed in machine tools, automation and handling systems plus printing, packaging and food and paper processing machines. 

These Indramat servomotors support different output directions for the power connectors. Some power and feedback connectors of the MHD 041, MHD 071 and MHD 090 series can be turned by an angle of 240°. Motors with A housing option in the type code incorporate natural convection cooling mode while those with N housing option incorporate liquid cooling. 


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