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HLB Resistor Brake Unit Series

The brake resistors are designed to function as DC bus resistors in a drive system. They help in converting the generated kinetic energy into thermal energy. HLB brake resistors are available in different specifications to suit the needs of different applications. The resistors are compatible with the manufacturer’s IndraDrive M and IndraDrive C series of servo drives depending on their version. The brake resistors are primarily used to handle high-speed motors and heavy-duty machinery.


HLB brake resistors have a very high short circuit current rating of 42,000 A. The resistors help in establishing a ZKS-type DC bus short circuit function in the drive system. HLB01.1C series of brake resistors are deployed in drive systems with IndraDrive C servo drives and have a mounting depth of 265mm. On the other hand, HLB01.D resistors are incorporated in drive systems with IndraDrive M servo drives and have a mounting depth of 322mm. The Indramat brake resistors are intended to be mounted only in G1 mounting orientation in control cabinets with sufficient clearance above and below them. We offer our services globally and can fix your broken brake resistors for you in minimum time.


  • HLB brake resistors of the HLB01.1C series have a weight of 5.8kg. The HLB01.1D range of resistors is slightly heavier and weighs 12.2kg.
  • These brake resistors are characterized by a rated control voltage input of 24V +/-20% and a maximum inrush current rating of 3A.
  • These Indramat resistors must never be used outside the control cabinets or closed housings encompassing the associated servo drives.
  •  HLB brake resistors help in increasing the peak regenerative power and continuous power when they are connected.
  • The brake resistors are capable of braking the synchronous motors connected in the drive system when there is a power failure and thus renders a safety measure.


HLB01.1 brake resistors must have a clearance distance of at least 300m above them inside the control cabinet. The clearance distance below the HLB01.1C braking resistors should be at least 80mm, while this clearance distance is about 100m for HLB01.D brake resistors.


The DC bus connection of the HLB brake resistors helps in connecting multiple drive controllers or a drive controller to various other components. Their installation must be de-energized and secured against unauthorized or unintentional re-energization before working on them. Their capacitors take at least 30 minutes to get discharged after switching off the power supply.


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