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Wake Industrial is a global supplier of industrial automation products for any application. We sell Rexroth Indramat HDD servo drives in different configurations, and you should consider buying from us because of our outstanding after-service.  The HDD servo drives are an essential aspect of the manufacturer’s DIAX04 digital drive system. 

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HDD Series

The HDD Servo Drive is used in combination with MKD, 2AD, MHD or 1MB AC servomotors from the same manufacturer as a rapid-response drive. The HDD0.2-W040-HD32 servo drive is available in a fixed configuration and is capable of activating two motors at a time.

Rexroth HDD servo drives can be connected to only an HVR or HVE power supply. Their modular design allows multiple h drives to be connected to a single power supply module. These servo drives help to control and monitor the operation of the connected motor in the drive system. The basic units of the drives can be configured for a specific function by fitting them with various plug-in modules. In the configured state, the basic unit is accompanied by a command communications module, additional plug-in modules, a software module and a configuration type plate. Our proprietary knowledge and tools help us to build obsolete or non-existent parts that are impossible to find due to a lack of supply or the global computer chip shortage.

HDD servo drives must be installed such that the signal supply lines and load supply lines are routed away from each other to avoid interference.
The H1 status display highlights the error and warning codes of the servo drives encountered during operation while the S1 reset key helps to clear the displayed fault codes after the problem has been addressed. The manual gives a detailed explanation of these codes with their fixes.
The Rexroth HDD servo drives are connected to the power supply unit by using a flat ribbon cable connected to the X1 connector of the drives.
The X2 connector of the drives function like an RS 232 or an RS 485 serial interface and can be used for their communication with a PC by deploying suitable software. The serial interface can also help with programming, parameterization and diagnosis during commissioning and service.
HDD servo drives have two analog diagnostic outputs with 4mA current load capacity and +/-10 VDC output voltage. These outputs can generate drive-internal variables for test purposes.

The HDD range of servo drives supports analog and SERCOS-type command communication modules. The additional plug-in modules are inserted in the U1 and U2 slots of the servo drives and can be either digital I/O cards, interface cards for different measuring systems or integrated controls. The two plug-in modules supported by the servo drives can be of the same or different type. 

Rexroth HDD servo drives are intended to be operated between -5°C and 45°C and at an installation elevation of 0m to 1000m above sea level. When these ambient operating conditions are exceeded, the output data gets decreased and in extreme cases can cause the damage to  the drives. They have IP 10 protection rating as per EN 60259 specifications and are designed to be mounted inside a closed housing or a control cabinet.


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