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The DDC01.1-K150A-DL10-00 Servo Compact Controller is anufactured by Rexroth Indramat Bosch. This controller has a Air, Natural Convention cooling type, a rated current of 150 A and a Standard (50 A? 200 A rated current) Noise Emission at Motor. This DDC Controller has a(n) Single Axis Positioning Control Command Module.

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Product Description

Bosch Rexroth leads the market in the area of motion control products and automation systems.

The DDC01.1-K150A-DL10-00 is a drive control system that can control the speed and position of motors digitally. The drive controller covers a wide range of motion control applications including drive control, parameterization, monitoring, and diagnostics. This drive controller has been designed to function in conjunction with the DLC single axis positioning module. The system can therefore be used as an independent single axis positioning module. This model is known for its ability to parameterize with different platforms that include a higher ranking PLC, a higher ranking PC, an IDA decade switch unit, and a CTA programming keypad. The input parameter blocks can be monitored for errors. They are also used to maintain the limit values of the system. It is possible to match the drive with the electrical and mechanical conditions of different machines because of parameterization.

The DDC01.1-K150A-DL10-00 can directly installed at the forward feed units because it has been specifically designed for the requirements of complex finishing facilities. There is no need to install length feedback and power cables that are prone to damage. The basic unit is equipped with auxiliary plug-in cards that enable the drive controller to functionally adjust to changing operating requirements. When the drive controller is fully configured, it consists of a software module, a basic unit, a DLC single axis positioning module, and a software module, and an optional auxiliary plug-in module. Since this drive controller is equipped with a bleeder resistor, it can be used to halt high speed motors while absorbing the heat that these motors generate during braking. This unit can be shipped globally with a one-year warranty period from Wake Industrial.

  • DDC011K150ADL1000
  • DDC01 1 K150A DL10 00
  • ddc01.1-k150a-dl10-00
  • DDC1.1-K150A-DL10-00

DDC01.1-K150A-DL10-00 Technical Specifications

Command Module: Single Axis Positioning Control
Cooling Type : Air, Natural Convention
Noise Emission at Motor: Standard (50 A? 200 A rated current)
Rated Current: 150 A
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