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The DDC01.1-K100A-DG09-00 Servo Compact Controller is anufactured by Rexroth Indramat Bosch. This controller has a Air, Natural Convention cooling type, a rated current of 100 A and a Standard (50 A? 200 A rated current) Noise Emission at Motor. This DDC Controller has a(n) Not Specified Command Module.

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Product Description

The DDC01.1-K100A-DG09-00 digital servo drive made by Bosch Rexroth is used with the MDD series servomotor from the same manufacturer. The servo drive encompasses a DSM software module in the fifth slot of its basic unit. The configuration rating-plate of the product features the type designation of its configured drive controller, basic unit, plug-in modules, and software module. This plate highlights the modules that are compatible with a specific drive. The device features a standard noise emission at the motor. The air outlet of the unit should be at a minimum 300mm distance from any flammable materials or parts.

The heatsinks and blower mesh of the digital drive tend to become very dirty if it is operated in a highly polluted environment. Its X7 power connectors must feature IP 65 rating. The unit encompasses the motor power connection at its bottom. This device has a length of 517.5mm without the blower and 657.5mm with the blower. The U1 slot of the unit is used to fit its command interface card. The X2 connector of the drive can be used to establish RS-232 connectivity with a PC or a VT-100 terminal. We can send the servo drive to the address of your choice.

The AC servo drive is a good choice for transfer facilities and sequential finishing devices. The control and signal leads of the product should be routed at least 10cm away from the power cables. The connected synchronous motor comes to a standstill through a DC bus dynamic braking action when there is a problem with the drive. The associated one-axis positioning module along with the drive controller is parameterized with the help of a CTA programming and display unit. The servo drive comes with a one-year Wake Industrial warranty tag.

  • DDC011K100ADG0900
  • DDC01 1 K100A DG09 00
  • ddc01.1-k100a-dg09-00
  • DDC1.1-K100A-DG09-00

DDC01.1-K100A-DG09-00 Technical Specifications

Command Module: Not Specified
Cooling Type : Air, Natural Convention
Noise Emission at Motor: Standard (50 A? 200 A rated current)
Rated Current: 100 A
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