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The DDC01.1-K100A-DG04-00 Servo Compact Controller is anufactured by Rexroth Indramat Bosch. This controller has a Air, Natural Convention cooling type, a rated current of 100 A and a Standard (50 A? 200 A rated current) Noise Emission at Motor. This DDC Controller has a(n) Not Specified Command Module.

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Product Description

The DDC01.1-K100A-DG04-00 Bosch Rexroth AC servo drive supports fitting to an interbus S data highway through an interbus DBS 2.2 interface module. This product must use only the configurations specified by the manufacturer. The device is characterized by high precision and high dynamics. It uses a microprocessor to control its functioning. The unit can be matched to the electrical and mechanical conditions of the machine on which it is fitted using appropriate parameters. A drive package can be formed by combining several drive controllers with a single supply unit. The drive must be commissioned only after ensuring that the configuration used matches the one specified on the rating plate.

This drive can be connected to a DEA 4.1 input/output interface featuring five outputs and eight inputs. The interface can be used for various functions such as signaling the fault messages and operating mode as well as E-stop input. The operation of the connected heatsink and blower of the product are affected if they become dirty. The IP 65 protection category of the device is adversely impacted when the optional plug-in modules and the motor feedback cable are not installed properly. The size of the unit is 517.5mm without the blower.

The basic unit and configuration rating-plates and the software module slot are present at the top of the servo drive. The X3 connector can be utilized for connecting analog inputs as well as outputs. The setup mode of the drive is triggered when the automatic and parameter outputs have no ON signal. The power contactor present in the drive controller cannot be turned ON in case of an open E-stop sequence. The product may experience dangerous movements if the wiring is not as per the manufacturer’s connecting diagram. The DDC01.1-K100A-DG04-00 servo drive can be delivered to any address globally with a year’s warranty.

  • DDC011K100ADG0400
  • DDC01 1 K100A DG04 00
  • ddc01.1-k100a-dg04-00
  • DDC1.1-K100A-DG04-00

DDC01.1-K100A-DG04-00 Technical Specifications

Command Module: Not Specified
Cooling Type : Air, Natural Convention
Noise Emission at Motor: Standard (50 A? 200 A rated current)
Rated Current: 100 A
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