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The DDC01.1-K050A-D Servo Compact Controller is anufactured by Rexroth Indramat Bosch. This controller has a Air, Natural Convention cooling type, a rated current of 50 A and a Standard (50 A? 200 A rated current) Noise Emission at Motor. This DDC Controller has a(n) Not Specified Command Module.

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Product Description

Indramat is one of the most recognized brands in the motion control industry. It boasts a range of motors and drives that have become the standard for many industries around the globe. The DDC 1.1 Digital AC Drive series by this company is arguably one of the best drive modules to appear on the motion control market. Capable of precision servo applications, this modular unit is a class apart. It is available in different configurations that vary with respect to power requirements, communication modules, cooling provisions, and operational accuracy, making it a versatile product. 

The DDC01.1-K050A-D servo drive sports a modular design that makes it a favorite among engineers. The modules include the basic drive unit itself, the command interface card that configures the kind of communication that will take place between connected devices, the software module, plug-in modules for interfacing other components, and the configuration plate that helps in identifying each unique DDC 1.1 drive. This particular model runs on a rated current of 50A, which is the accepted standard in numerous industrial setups. The noise emission at the motor is restricted to between 100A to 200A rated current and the whole unit is air cooled, requiring no additional cooling aids. It is designed to work with Indramat motors that have digital servo feedback, allowing them to control servo units with remarkable accuracy. 

The DDC01.1-K050A-D drive has several features that make it user-friendly and safe. A DC bus dynamic brake is part of the design, protecting the system against unwanted fluctuations. It has pre-installed provisions for handling inrush current events, allowing engineers to play it very safe while working with it. The DDC01.1-K050A-D Digital AC Servo Drive by Indramat, owing to its amazing capabilities and durability, is certainly the controller you need in your workspace! This product is available from Wake Industrial with a one-year warranty period.

  • DDC011K050AD
  • DDC01 1 K050A D
  • ddc01.1-k050a-d
  • DDC1.1-K050A-D

DDC01.1-K050A-D Technical Specifications

Command Module: Not Specified
Cooling Type : Air, Natural Convention
Noise Emission at Motor: Standard (50 A? 200 A rated current)
Rated Current: 50 A
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