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Wake Industrial is a global supplier of industrial automation products and specializes in selling and repairing f new and reconditioned parts. We offer a large collection of CSH Rexroth Indramat drive controllers, and we assure you of great service and fast replacement if you buy from us. These drive controllers encompass an advanced control section and a power section. They come with different slots to insert various modules to configure them according to the requirement. The CSH drive controllers encompass several analog inputs and outputs with different functions.

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CSH Advanced Control System

These drive controllers may depict signs of dangerous movements if there is faulty control in the motor connected to them. They also include a standard or comfort control panel for programming them. These CSH drive controllers use a battery to support their operation. The drive controllers do not support operation underwater and cannot be used when there is extreme temperature fluctuation, or the maximum temperature is very high. They are intended to be used only for applications specified by the manufacturer.

The CSH drive controllers must be used only with components and accessories that have been specified by the manufacturer.
The drive controller features Category C3 components and is not designed to be used in residential areas powered by a public low-voltage network, as this can trigger high-frequency interference.
Rexroth CSH drive controllers must be connected to the equipment grounding conductor at the grounding points before turning them on.
These drive controllers support different types of safety technology. Some controllers are available without implementing any safety technology.
They encompass screw terminal blocks and spring terminals at the connection points of their control sections.

CSH drive controllers depict a shield connection on their analog inputs and outputs. Their control sections can be fitted with a safety zone module for setting up a safety zone with up to 26 drive controllers or a control module to control an inductive load safely. The drive controllers help to control and monitor the operation of the holding brake in a drive system. Their control sections should be allowed to make contact with exposed conductive parts only after they have been discharged. 

The power consumption of CSH drive controllers is based on the power consumption of the basic unit and the power consumption of the other modules fitted to it. The digital outputs of these controllers must never be operated at low-resistance sources. The control section and power section must not be repeatedly detached or removed more than the specified number of times from the drive controller, as this can pave the way for their damage. These Rexroth drive controllers are intended to be mounted only in the vertical orientation.


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