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The Rexroth Indramat 2AD servo motor is an ingeniously designed device that converts electrical power into mechanical energy with remarkable precision. This conversion powers the heart of automated machinery, ensuring it functions smoothly and efficiently. 

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2AD Series

Wake Industrial sells 2AD Rexroth Indramat servomotors in varying configurations to meet all your requirements at an affordable price and with an assurance of excellent service. 2AD servomotors are asynchronous and primarily used with the manufacturer’s HDD series of servo drives. They can also be operated along with ECODRIVE, DIAX or INDRADRIVE servo drives to offer a drive solution with several open functions and high power density. These servomotors have a broad speed range when they are used with the specified servo drives.

The 2AD range of motors operates as servo drives or main spindle drives with high performance capabilities in machine tools. They are also available with different interfaces and power ratings to be used for specific applications. The highest power rating supported by these servomotors is 93kW. The controlling and monitoring of 2AD servomotors may need the use of additional sensors and actuators. These motors come with or without a holding brake and a plain output shaft or an output shaft balanced with full or half key. The shaft may or may not encompass a rubber shaft sealing ring. We have industry-leading capabilities allowing us to repair your broken 2AD servomotors extremely fast and with a guaranteed 1-year warranty. 

2AD servomotors support the extension of their shafts to include an extra position encoder on their B side. However, this inclusion will need the incorporation of a radial blower.
These industrial servomotors can be installed by deploying either flange installation or foot installation to meet different installation conditions and requirements.
The asynchronous nature of the Rexroth 2AD servomotors helps them to render maintenance-free operation. In other words, it is not required to follow any regular maintenance measures if they are used properly.
The servomotors have a frame size based on the shaft height that is determined as the distance from the base of the foot to the middle of the shaft. The size is determined from this distance and set to the nearest standard shaft height.
The output shaft of 2AD servomotors is held in position without movement by the holding brake when the motors are in standstill mode. The holding brake is available in electrically clamping and electrically releasing types.

2AD servomotors use a flange socket or a terminal box as their power connector. With a B05 frame shape, the connector is typically placed on top of the motor. On the other hand, with a B35 frame shape, the connector can be on top of or to the left or right. The exact position is determined by the position of the assembly feet and cannot be changed later.

These Rexroth servomotors' operations must always occur with either an axial or radial blower with suction or blowing-type airflow, although blowing is preferred. Radial blowers support only blowing action. The airflow is directed over the surface of the 2AD servomotors by shrouds.


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