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Bosch Rexroth Indramat AC Motor in the 2AD Series. This Motor is an Asynchronous Motor Type that has a Motor Size of 104, and a Motor Length of D."

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Product Description

The 2AD104D-B05OBC-ES07-A2N1 is a servo motor designed for precision and efficiency in control applications such as automation, robotics etc. It is a product by a renowned manufacturer as Indramat, a brand under Bosch Rexroth which specializes in advanced drive and control technologies, providing high-performance solutions for various industries.

The Indramat 2AD104D-B05OBC-ES07-A2N1 servo motor is a dynamic and efficient solution for various industrial applications. It consists of a length type D and an ES winding configuration. This motor delivers a torque of 64 Nm and operates at a nominal high speed of 1400 rpm which is capable of providing an efficient output power of 9.4 kW. The current rating is 22.4 A and this aids in ensuring strong and reliable performance. The 2AD motor includes a blower with a plug on the top of B side for power connection and it requires an air flow blowing at 230 V. This model does not come with a holding brake but has a fixed digital servo feedback that includes an integrated multi-turn as an absolute encoder. This ensures precise positioning and control for various complex tasks. The driven shaft is a type of plain one and does not have any sealing ring inside it.

The 2AD servo motor uses standard bearings with a severity grade of R and it weighs 60 kg. Due to less weight, it can be ported easily. For protection, the motor has an IP65 rating which helps in making it dust-tight and protected against heating issues. It can operate in temperatures ranging from 0 to 40 degrees centigrade. This makes the 2AD104D-B05OBC-ES07-A2N1 servo motor suitable for various demanding environments, providing reliable and efficient performance with its high torque, precise control, and robust design.

  • 2AD104D B05OBC ES07 A2N1
  • 2AD104DB05OBCES07A2N1
  • 2AD104D-B050BC-ES07-A2N1
  • 2AD1O4D-BO5OBC-ESO7-A2N1
  • 2AD104D-805O8C-ES07-A2N1
  • 2AD1O4D-8O5O8C-ESO7-A2N1
  • 2AD104DB050BCES07A2N1

2AD104D-B05OBC-ES07-A2N1 Technical Specifications

Power Connection: top and side B blower plug
Motor Protection: IP65
Speed: 1400 rpm
Encoder: digital servo multiturn absolute
Torque: 64 Nm
Power: 9.4 kW
Current: 22.4 A
Holding Brake: none
Vibration Severity: R grade
Mass: 60 Kg
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