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The 5AP933.156B-00 is manufactured by B&R Automation as part of their Automation Panel Series. This panel is a TFT Color type and had a LED backlight. The panel has a Projected Capacitive Touch screen perfect for the job.

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Product Description

The 5AP933.156B-00 is an industrial automation panel manufactured by highly trained engineers of B&R to operate as an operational interface for industrial production and processing systems. This industrial automation panel is manufactured according to the international quality standards, before it is supplied to the industrial operator it is tested and certified to operate according to the instructions in the documentation of the device, it is also fitted with a special type label that can be used to identify the panel as soon as it is supplied to the industrial operator. The configuration, installation, and general operation of this industrial automation panel are designed to be easy and straightforward as the panel features a sophisticated touch technology (multi-touch) that allows the operator to speedily send instructions into the servo system.

The 5AP933.156B-00 industrial automation panel requires the connection of a link module for optimum operation, this link module is important for the operation of the panel as it features various graphic interfaces and electrical connection ports through which the panel interacts with all other parts of the industrial servo system. The 5AP933.156B-00 industrial automation panel features electrical components that can generate leakage current when the panel is in operation, to prevent electrical accidents operators should ensure the controller is properly grounded when it is in operation.

The 5AP933.156B-00 automation panel does not generate a high amount of heat during operation, it does not require an elaborate temperature regulation system as the heat generated by the device during operation can be effectively controlled via natural convection. Also, the maximum permissible height at which this controller can be installed is about 3000 meters above sea level.

  • 5AP92D1906-I00
  • 5AP92D1906I00
  • 5AP92D 1906 I00

5AP933.156B-00 Technical Specifications

Backlight Type: LED
Transmittance: > 90%
Certifications: UL, CE, UKCA
Type: TFT color
Diagonal: 15.6"
Colors: 16.7 million
Resolution: HD, 1366 x 768 pixels
Contast: 1000:01:00
Half brightness time: 70,000 hrs
Touchcreen: PCT

Frequently Asked Questions about 5AP933.156B-00

Q: What is primary purpose of this panel?

A: The 5AP933.156B-00 is a high quality panel for supporting automation applications. It serves as an operational interface for production tasks. It facilitates interaction with servo systems and makes the process more effective.

Q: Is this model reliable for prolonged use?

A: The 5AP933.156B-00 is highly reliable and complies with international standards. The panel undergoues through testing before being deployed.

Q: Can the 5AP933.156B-00 be installed and configured easily?

A: Yes, the 5AP933.156B-00's installtion process in straightforward. With its multitouch technology, the entire process is much more simplified.

Q: What is the purpose of this model's link module?

A: The 5AP933.156B-00's link module ensures optimum operation and provides the required graphic intergaces for seamless communication.

Q: Does this model generate significant heat during operation?

A: The 5AP933.156B-00 has a minimum heat output and doesn't require elaborate mechanisms for temperature regulation and control.

Internal Product Review

  • ‘‘The 5AP933.156B-00 meets international standards and meets expectations. The system comes with multitouch technology which simplies the operation. The panel can be installed at a considerable height because of its low heat signature. ’’

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