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The AX5201-0000-0202 is a 2-channel digital compact servo drive manufactured by Beckhoff. This device has a compact design to facilitate control cabinet installation with dimensions of 92 x 274 x 232 mm (w x h x d). It operates with 55 W power loss and a peak output current of 5 A.

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Product Description

Beckhoff supplies a complete range of Fieldbus components, I/O devices, bus terminals, and EtherCAT modules. Their products use high-quality components based on open standards and have rugged construction. Beckhoff makes products that can handle the most demanding applications with ease. The AX5000 is a series by Beckhoff of dual channel Digital Compact Servo drives.

The AX5201-0000-0202 is part of the AX5000 product family. It has two channels and a rated supply voltage of 3 x 100V-480 V AC ±10 %. The rated output current per axis is 1.5 A per axis, with a minimum rated output current of 0.35 A at the full current resolution. The DC-link voltage for the AX5201-0000-0202 is 875 V DC (max) with a DC-link capacitance of 235 µF. This servo drive uses EtherCAT system bus and has a SERCO profile as per IEC 61800-7-204 (SoE). The AX5201-0000-0202 has an IP 20 protection class. A brake module unit with an internal braking resistor (250W) can be connected to this servo drive. The safe operating temperature for this servo drive is between 0°C to 50°C.

The AX5201-0000-0202 features high-speed EtherCAT system communication, multi-feed interface, flexible motor type selection, high-speed capture inputs, optimized cooling concept, and high-speed capture inputs. It also features several safety features, such as STO and overvoltage detection. Optional safety functions such as protection against any inadvertent restart of the drive axis can be added. The AX5201-0000-0202 also has an AX-bridge, which enables a quick connection system for power supply, control voltage, and DC-link. This servo drive also features an integrated mains filter Cat. C3 as per EN 61800-3. The AX5201-0000-0202 is CE, EAC and cULus approved.

  • AX52O1-OOOO-O2O2
  • ax5201-0000-0202
  • AX520100000202

AX5201-0000-0202 Technical Specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D): 92 x 274 x 232 mm
Hardware Version: Second Generation
Cooling : Forced ventilation
Number of Channels : 2
Nominal current per channel: 1.5A
Protection Rating: IP20
Smallest Parameterizable channel peak current at full current resolution: 0.35A
Maximum DC link Volatge : 875V
DC link capacitance : 235µF
Firmware Version: v2.06

Frequently Asked Questions about AX5201-0000-0202

Q: Can the AX5201-0000-020 cause any damage to the environment?

A: In the case of proper use, the AX5201-0000-020 does not have any negative effect on the environment. The servo drive is tested and certified to be environmentally firendly before it is delivered.

Q: Is the long term storage of the AX5201-0000-020 allowed?

A: The AX5201-0000-020 servo drive can be stored for a long time after purchase. However it should be stored at an ambinet temperature that falls between -40 and +550C. If the drive is stored for more than five years, the capacitors in the drive must be reformed before commissioning.

Q: How can operators identify the AX5201-0000-020 correctly after it is delivered?

A: The delivery package of the AX5201-0000-020 carries a name plate on the outside. Also, the servo drive itself contains a large and a small name plate that carries information that can be used for the easy identification of the drive.

Q: How many motors can be controled by the AX5201-0000-020 at once?

A: The AX5201-0000-020 features two channels which enables the operation of two motors with identical or even with different capacity, up to a total of 12A. The multi-axis drive with variable motor output allocation optimize packaging density and the cost per drive channel.

Q: What is the proper way to install the AX5201-0000-020?

A: The AX5201-0000-020 should be installed vertically in a control cabinet that offers a minimum protection that meets IP54. Enough space should be left between the controller and the drive to allow the easy circulation of cool air.

Internal Product Review

  • ‘‘We installed this product in 2022 and it changed everything for us. Very accurate and easy to operate. ’’

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