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Wake Industrial specializes in the sale and repair of reconditioned Rexroth Indramat VT-2000 electrical amplifier cards along with other industrial automation products.

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VT-2000 Series

The VT-2000 amplifier cards are designed to function as proportional power amplifiers for controlling pump controls, and pilot-operated proportional pressure relief valves without electrical feedback. These cards are meant to be installed only when they are disconnected from the power supply. 5X series of electrical amplifier cards can be used as substitutes for 4X series cards by using a blind plate with 4TE width.


The electrical amplifier cards must not be associated with plug-in connectors featuring LED lamps or free-wheeling diodes for the connection of their solenoids. These Rexroth VT-2000 cards comprise a differential input that can be used only by activating or deactivating both inputs at a time. They come integrated with voltage stabilizers to render constant voltage for consistent performance and integrated potentiometers to limit the maximum input command voltage signals and thereby offer safe operator control. The high-quality amplifier cards are characterized by a power supply voltage of 24 VDC +/-10%. Get in touch with us through e-mail or over a phone call for immediate assistance with your industrial manufacturing needs.

  • VT-2000 electrical amplifier cards can be mounted on a single card holder with or without a power supply or a double card holder with a power supply. They can also be fitted on a single or a double card rack.
  • The Rexroth amplifier cards comprise ramp generators to help control the rate at which the pressure increases or decreases. The up and down ramp times are adjustable separately for independent control.
  • The amplifier cards support an ambient operating temperature range of 0 °C to 50 °C. They portray a temperature drift of 2%/°K.
  • These electrical amplifier cards convert input voltage signals to proportional output currents for powering a proportional solenoid.
  • The VT-2000 amplifier cards must not be operated within a distance of 1 meter from radio transmitters and/or similar devices.


VT-2000 electrical amplifier cards are integrated with 5mm x 20mm fuses with a 1.2 A rating. The amplifier cards can withstand a minimum output load of greater than or equal to 500 Ohms and a maximum output load of 19.5 Ohms. The signal and solenoid cables of these cards must not be laid near their power lines.

The electrical amplifier cards have a solenoid current rating of 800 mA +10%/-5% at the output stage. The front panels of these cards have a height of 128.4 mm corresponding to 3 HE, a width of 5.08 mm or 1 TE on the soldering side and a width of 3 TE on the component side.


  • 1 Year Warranty on AC & DC Drives
  • 1 Year Warranty on AC & DC Motors
  • 1 Year Warranty on HMI's and PLC's
  • 1 Year Warranty on Boards and Option Cards


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