VT 2000-K

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Rexroth, Indramat, Bosch proportional amplifier in the VT-2000 Series. This proportional amplifier features a Operating Voltage 24 VDC + or - 10 % along with a Connection Type of Board with terminal strip.

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VT 2000-K series electronic amplifier cards from Rexroth represent the best in class instrumentation to control the pressure being sent through solenoid valves in any panel. These cards come with integrated safety features to regulate voltage and to limit the input voltage. For adjusting the ramp times, you will need to connect a 500KΩ potentiometer. Introducing a jumper will switch the damp ‘up’ and ‘down’ adjustments off. This has to be done specific to the requirements in each case. The ramp time adjustments can be made within the settings.

The VT 2000-K amplifier cards regulate the input voltage from the source of power that the system is connected to and send the required voltage as the output. This in turn will regulate the pressure the solenoid valve will work under. Though this is a simple description of the functioning of the electronic amplifier cards in a circuit, the actual configuration has a number of other inputs to achieve the desired results. As mentioned, these amplifier cards from Rexroth have the inbuilt provisions to check the actual current being supplied to the solenoid. They have the check points with the upper limits set so that any excess current will be cut off and not allowed to pass through. It protects the solenoid and therefore the pump or other equipments connected to the solenoid.

To incorporate the VT 2000-K amplifier card in your existing control unit, check the space requirements and if it can be accommodated, it simplifies the task. In other cases, it will have to be built from scratch. Since Rexroth has a wide range in its product lineup, you will need to check the ordering code before placing an order for the VT 2000-K electronic amplifier cards.  

Pulse Frequency: Pumps 100Hz or Valves (standard) 200 Hz
Name Plate: Factory Assigned
Component Series: Factory Assigned
Connection Type: Board with terminal strip
Product: VT 2025
Operating Voltage: 24 VDC + or - 10 %
VT 2000-K VT2000-K