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TDM Series

These servo drives are intended to be operated in conjunction with the manufacturer’s MAC range of servomotors according to their versions. TDM servo drives are available in different configurations and are highly reliable. They can serve as a cost-effective option for any automation needs. The servo drives deploy natural convection or incorporate built-in fans for cooling. The drives come fitted with personality modules that incorporate all the change parameters so that time-consuming adjustments and modifications can be avoided.


The versatile servo drives are primarily used in CNC machines, packaging and automotive industries. They are characterized by a high level of ruggedness. The Rexroth drives are available with and without a starting lockout mechanism. These servo drives are known for their very low acceleration movements. They use their built-in tachometers to measure the rotation speed of the output shaft of the associated motors. The servo drives are characterized by a 300 VDC link circuit-rated bus voltage. Get in touch with us for any assistance with your servo drives to meet any industrial manufacturing needs.


  • TDM 1 servo drives are used in combination with MAC 71 to MAC 160 range of servomotors. TDM 2 servo drives are designed for operation in combination with MAC 63 to MAC 93 series of servomotors. On the other hand, TDM 3 servo drives are associated with MAC 63 to MAC 112B set of servomotors.
  • TDM 4 servo drives are meant to be operated with MAC 21, MAC 25 and MAC 41 group of servomotors. These Rexroth drives are equipped with feedback electronics.
  • TDM 6 servo drives are designed to be used with MAC 63 to MAC 93 range of servomotors. The main difference from the TDM 2 series is that these drives are intended for low-noise applications and feature interfaces for temperature monitors as well as brake and starting interlocks.
  • TDM 7 servo drives are designed for use with MAC 21, MAC 25 and MAC 41 servomotors. The drives are suited for low-noise applications and incorporate feedback electronics as well as interfaces for starting and brake interlocks and temperature monitors.
  • All TDM servo drives have a red-colored TS LED on the front panel that flashes continuously when their operating temperature is too high.


TDM servo drives come with terminal strips at their X5 connectors to connect either a user input or a user output. These Rexroth drives depict the Class C insulation category as per DIN VDE 0110 specifications.


The servo drives equipped with starting lockouts can help to prevent accidental startup of the machines in which they are installed and thereby ensure the safety of the machinery and operating personnel. They come with reset keys to clear the stored displayed fault messages after taking the necessary action.


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