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Wake Industrial is a global supplier of industrial automation products, and you can be assured of great service combined with timely replacement when you buy from us. Rexroth Indramat RAC servo drives are designed to function as main spindle drive controllers.

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RAC Spindle Drive Series

They are used in conjunction with the manufacturer’s 2AD asynchronous main spindle motors and 1MB frameless spindle motors with continuous power output at the output shaft for their digital control. These servo drives are capable of operating their spindles as a servo axis or C-axis with high precision in the position control loop.

RAC servo drives encompass heatsinks for the fan and the power electronics on their housing. The servo drives can be cooled by air circulation inside or outside their control cabinets by drawing in cooling air. In the case of cooling with air outside the control cabinet, the cooling air is blown out of the control cabinet through cutouts in the backwall of the control cabinet. The Indramat servo drives can be fitted with programming modules through a plug-in action to store the parameters for installation and application as well as the motor optimizing parameter values. We can help you cut down on lead times and help you get your industrial automation line up and running.


  • RAC 2 series of servo drives are used with motors with a continuous output power of 30kW to 52kW at the drive shaft. RAC 3 and RAC 4 servo drives are associated with motors that have 10kW to 30kW continuous output power and 52kW to 93kW output power respectively.
  • These servo drives are characterized by an extensive speed range and high power stiffness, making them well-suited for functioning as main spindle drives in numerically controlled machine tools.
  • Indramat RAC servo drives have an internal position control loop that positions the spindle independently for exchanging a workpiece after receiving a signal. This loop is closed by either motor feedback or optional spindle feedback.
  • The servo drives support three different interface options for their speed setpoint. These are an analogue speed setpoint, a digital speed setpoint and a SERCOS interface.
  • RAC servo drives are intended to be operated at an ambient temperature ranging between 5°C and 45°C. The maximum operating temperature must not exceed 55°C.

RAC servo drives can be connected to a three-phase 3 x 400V, 50Hz supply network with +/-15% tolerance or a 3 x 460V, 60Hz supply network with +/-10% tolerance. They can stop the main spindle drive through a direct current braking action when there is a power failure.

These Indramat servo drives can be equipped with an incremental encoder output for position control by the related CNC control with C-axis operation. The RAC servo drives can also be equipped with a serial interface to store and load the parameters with a PC and an input for digital position setpoints.


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